JuiceToU Review: A 3 Day Juice Detox


I was offered by JuiceToU to try out their detox juices, and I decided I would go for it. A lot of people asked me why I was doing it (and whether I was crazy!) because it meant 3 days just having juices and no food. I’ve always believed that detoxes don’t really ‘do’ anything apart from make you lose weight because you’re not eating, so firstly I wanted to see if my idea of them was right. I’ve also been eating ridiculously unhealthily lately, daytime at work is usually not bad, but evenings I will have my tea (which have been slowly getting less healthy with more than the occasional pizza and chips) and always snack on crisps, chocolate or sweets afterwards. My hope is that the juicing will help me break out of that habit – I think I’m a little bit addicted to junk food now, so I’m hoping this break me out of it. So hopefully this will start me back on track with being more healthy!
I’m not doing this to lose weight or inches so I haven’t weighed myself before, and I don’t know what I currently weigh. I did measure bust, waist and hips in cm beforehand, so I’ll let you know if there are any significant differences, and I’ve done before pictures that I’ll stick up with some after ones (providing it works!) later in the post!
I’ve also got a bit of background to tell you first – I’ve had issues with eating in the past, so I need to be really careful with what I do. While I’m not affected at all by this anymore, there’s the chance that I could fall back into bad habits/ I also occasionally have low blood pressure which makes me feel a bit dizzy or lightheaded (even when I’m eating normally), so I need to be careful with that. I’m actually planning to have a few small things to eat, probably just salads or soups, because I feel like I do need to eat something everyday to keep my mindset healthy. I’m also going to have oranges, yoghurts and cereal bars on hand everyday for just in case I do start to feel woozy at all.
Finally, throughout the day at work, I always try to drink three 500ml bottles of water (it’s good for my rubbish bladder!) so I’ll have one of those with each juice at work, as well as a glass on a morning, and hot water with lemon and even more water on an evening.
I decided to keep a bit of a diary as I went along to remember everything better – so here goes!


Day 1(ish) (Tuesday evening)

Starting on the Tuesday evening I thought might be easier because I would have eaten my lunch a few hours earlier and would be fine – I forget that by 4.30pm at work I’m usually already getting pretty hungry, and by the time I set off home at 5.30pm, I’m ready for my tea! I decided to do my juices at half past the hour rather than on the hour (it just works better with my schedule), so I began the first juice at 6.30pm.
First up: Berry Good (the 6pm juice) made with pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, apples and raspberries. It was a fairly thick consistency and slightly ‘bitty’ with the raspberry seeds. I’d expected it to be a bit sweeter with all the sugary fruit, but it wasn’t very sweet! It was fairly nice, something I’d drink anyway. I spun out the juice over about an hour to hopefully keep me feeling less hungry, then headed off to choir. This kept me occupied for the evening until 9.30pm, so I didn’t feel hungry.
When I arrived home, I made a cup of hot water with lemon to stave off any ensuing night time hunger or cravings, and surprisingly it seemed to do the trick! Ben tried some too and said that he’d be quite happy to replace an after dinner snack with that in future – success!


Day 1 (properly) (Wednesday)

Woke up feeling normal – it had only been one missed meal so far! I had a glass of water before setting off for work, skipping out my normal bowl of cereal. I’m not a big breakfast fan in general because I don’t like eating straight away, but I force myself to have it everyday because I get hungry quickly.
Clean Green (9.30am): Made with spinach, cucumber, celery, apples and limes. I’d read so many reviews of this tasting awful that I was fully expecting to hate it, but actually it was fine – quite nice really! It tastes mainly of cucumber and pretty ‘green’ (if that makes sense!) – it reminds me of summery gardens (yeh, I’m not making sense!). I guess it’s because I like vegetables and always have done despite being fussy about other things such as meat. I’d started to feel a bit lightheaded in the first half an hour before the juice, and that feeling continued a bit even during the juice (which again I tried to drink slowly with a 500ml bottle of water too).
Let’s Glow (12.30pm): I managed to spin my Clean Green out until 11.45am so I didn’t give myself a chance to get actually hungry, then started on my Let’s Glow at 12.30pm. This one’s made with oranges, apples, kiwi, grapes and strawberries and is super yummy. Is it just me that really likes these juices?! I’m already considering buying a juicer so I can start making my own to have normally instead of snacks!
Clean Green (3.30pm): Back to Clean Green again. I managed to make my Let’s Glow last right up to 3.30pm, then grabbed my Clean Green with another bottle of water. I’ve been having a 500ml bottle of water with each juice so far and haven’t felt overly hungry yet – just a couple of instances of colleagues ‘mentioning’ food to me and times where my tummy has felt a bit rumbly.
Berry Good (6.30pm): I’d already had this one last night, and liked it, so no problem there. I arrived home feeling really hungry as I’d had to finish my last juice at 5.30pm to drive home and that gap had got to me! I actually decided to have a leafy salad with just some lemon juice on it because I needed to something to actually chew on, plus it’s basically what’s in the juices anyway so it shouldn’t hugely affect it. I also had hot water and lemon at around 8pm, and felt fine through the evening.

Day 2 (Thursday)

Woke up feeling fine again, I generally don’t feel hungry on mornings anyway, so just had a glass of water and went off to work. My tummy felt a bit flatter this morning, possibly because it’s less bloated from not eating junk food, but we’ll see if it continues!
Clean Green (9.30am): This didn’t taste as good as yesterday, probably because I get bored of things easily, but no problems with it – made it last until 12pm again with a 500ml bottle of water. Didn’t feel hungry at all during the morning (yay!).
Let’s Glow (12.30pm): Still really enjoying this juice and wish my afternoon green one was this too! Felt a little bit hungry around 2.30pmish, but still had some juice to drink, so it was okay!
Clean Green (3.30pm): All good until about 4.30pm when I started to feel pretty hungry. My tummy started feeling empty at this time; I think it’s because I’m getting towards the end of the work day and just wanting to get home for tea! I generally get hungry at this time and my body seems to be programmed to do that (as it should be!), so it was fairly difficult, but another salad is on the cards for tonight!
Berry Good (6.30pm): I decided to have another salad along with my Berry Good juice to keep me going a bit and it did the trick – kept me full until bedtime.


Day 3 (Friday)

I was expecting to feel starving all the time by Friday, but actually felt less hungry than the other days weirdly!
Clean Green (9.30am): Still going down well, still going!
Let’s Glow (12.30pm): I was actually a bit sad this was my last Let’s Glow because I really enjoyed this juice! I’m planning to make some of my own now.
Clean Green (3.30pm-ish): I ended up going to the dentist with an appointment at 3.30pm because of a sore tooth (it was an exposed root, ouch!), so I started this just before and finished it just after. And finally I was done!
I didn’t get to eat until about 8pm that night, but found I made it till then okay, not overly hungry. We went to a Tapas evening and was given a glass of Sangria before eating, so I had to take that really slow considering the lack of food I’d eaten over the past few days!


I’m going to be a bit controversial here and say that although I had no problems with the juice detox, it didn’t make a huge amount of difference to me. I know I ‘cheated’ a little with the salads (although they were basically made up of the stuff in the juices anyway), I don’t feel like I lost the 6lbs that other people who did the detox lost – I didn’t weigh myself but would have estimated I lost maybe 2-3lbs, mostly in water and bloating weight, as you can see in the pics my tummy is a little bit less bloated. I think it’s okay for a quick fix, but not for a drastic weight loss fix.
The pics aren’t very flattering at all because they were super quick after-a-day-of-work pictures, sorry! I’m wearing the same jeans in each, but obviously a different bra (Curvy Kate Tease Me in the first and Freya Deco Hatty in the second)
I also didn’t really feel the bright and awake feeling others did after the second or third day, but I think that may be due to the fact that I don’t do mornings 😀 Although I only get up just before 8am for work, which isn’t exactly early, I’m never bright on a morning! But I did feel my skin brightened up, just incrementally, and felt a little smoother.
So, would I do it again? Short answer: no. It was pretty expensive, at £79 for the 12 bottles. And I also didn’t like not eating!
Was it a good experience? Yes. It did help with my slight addiction to eating all the time and snacking after meals. I’ve decided instead of doing a full on detox in future, I would be more likely to get (or make) some juices and have them instead of snacks for example, or possibly instead of breakfast, but I won’t be skipping my lunch or tea for juice again any time soon.
It was difficult not to eat for 3 days, but it wasn’t overly difficult. I didn’t feel very hungry at any point; I did get a bit lightheaded every so often but nothing dangerous.


  1. February 23, 2014 / 8:32 pm

    Mmmmm, I’m not sure how I feel about all of these.

    First off, thats REALLY EXPENSIVE FOR 3 DAYS! I bought my own masticating juicer for just under £300 and I get juices every single day.

    Also, enzymes break down after 6 hours. When I make a juice at 6am in the morning, its starting to go a little funny by 12 noon, so what the heck are they putting in these to make them last? If I don’t finish the juice and its left ’til the next morning, its literally rancid, and I know *exactly* what goes in mine because I make them myself!

    Either way, I love juicing haha

  2. February 24, 2014 / 12:33 am

    i’ve contemplated quite a few of these juice detox packages but have been put off by the price. Also after reading your review i’m a little worried that other people who talk about how amazing they feel after three days are maybe exaggerating a little so i’m even more unsure now! x

  3. February 24, 2014 / 11:39 am

    wow that is really expensive! I’ve just bought a juicer from Argos for £30 so I think that’s the way to go. And as someone has said that way you know exactly what’s in it, as these people must put preservatives in them for them to keep for so long.. I think as long as you do it right they’re ideal for snacks as they can replace your sweet cravings x

  4. Mary Mauwer
    March 15, 2017 / 1:53 pm

    Those juices look great but the prices are a bit too steep for me. I prefer to use my juicer and I can use it every day. Anyway, a really great article thank you for your very informative and detailed post. And the results you got is awesome!

  5. Ilenia
    May 22, 2017 / 10:52 am

    I’ve made an order – and PAID for it obviously as they’re very fast at taking your money – on the 26th of April.
    Order never even dispatched according to their custom service. Yet after ONE MONTH still waiting for the REFUND.
    Definitely do not use this service as they’ll just disappear with your money.

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