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Outfit featuring baseball jersey
 Skinny Jeans: Hollister
First things first, I have no idea why I look so cranky in half these photos and so happy in the other half – just the way I roll apparently. Well, it’s been a while since my last outfit post, mostly because my camera ran out of batteries just after my last post, then I couldn’t find the camera charger (read: I was lazy and didn’t bother to look in the most likely place where it turned out to be…). Anyway, much has happened in this short time, including these two:
Whuuut?! Yeh, I got cats! An old friend posted on Facebook that she had two cats she wanted to get rid of because she wasn’t around enough to give them the care they demanded, so I offered to take them off her hands, and yeh, we have cats! They’re called Belle and Charlie (originally Kuro, but Ben found that too difficult to say) and are around 7 months old. I’ve always had cats around at home, so it’s hardly unfamiliar to me, and I’d been wanting to get one for ages. Finally Ben gave in and said we could take these! Wasn’t expecting two to come along at once!!
Unfortunately, we’ve already had somewhat of a minor emergency with Belle that isn’t quite sorted yet…I’ve been working on making a dress (slowly!) recently, and was cutting up some fabric on the floor on Saturday. I started playing with a leftover strip of it with the cats then went back to work cutting it up. Next thing I know, I turn around to see Belle with the last bit of the strip stuck out of her mouth. I lunged to grab it, but she ran away, swallowing it as she did so, and that’s how my cat ate a 30cm by 10cm strip of lining fabric. Of course, I did the sensible thing, implored the cat as to why she had eaten fabric (what cat eats fabric?! That’s not normal!!), then phoned my mum crying about how my cat was going to die. I’ve heard various horror stories of pets getting seriously ill and dying from eating things they shouldn’t do, in particular long things that get tangled in their intestines. We’d only had them a week and were actually about to register them at the vets, get them insured and get them booked in to get spayed that very day. But of course, Belle had to eat the fabric first. So I rang the nearest vets immediately and took her straight in. He was fairly positive that she should just be able to, ahem, pass it over the next couple of days, but recommended I keep a close eye on her in case it did in fact “pleat” her intestines by getting caught and tangled, then sent me away with liquid paraffin to help it on its way and some gloves to help me sort through the litter tray….
Well, we were hoping it would make its appearance over the weekend, but by this morning, nothing had. So I had to stay and work at home and watch the cat in case she suddenly became frightfully ill, but so far all she’s done is eat, sleep and scratch at windows where she can see birds – hardly the poorly cat she should be!! We’re giving it overnight, then she’ll have to be back in the vets tomorrow, and I’m hoping it won’t take an operation to get the fabric out. Honestly, so stressful!! Aside from that though, they are the most lovely, placid cats ever. They sit wrapped around each other like this frequently, purr all the time and are just generally cute 🙂
Jeans, boots, baseball jacket outfit
Baseball jacket outfit
Baseball jersey with jeans outfit
And so, onto the outfit! I got this baseball jacket a couple of weeks ago, and thought it wasn’t really my style but could be good to throw on on my way to pilates and whatnot. But as soon as I pulled it out the package and tried it on, I knew I would be wearing it to work at least weekly. It’s actually surprisingly flattering and pretty warm too – it’s now replaced my winter coats for work as the weather is warming up. On the first day I wore it to work, one of the guys complimented me on it (this doesn’t happen often, I think they are confused by the way I dress) and said he wanted one too! Let’s hope we don’t turn up on the same day in identical jackets #awkward (yeh, that was awkward that I just used a hash tag in a blog post).
You already know about the boots from the other couple of posts where I’ve worn them, but the jeans I’ve surprisingly not shown you before. In the past I’ve gone through various phases with jeans including hating them and wearing only jogging bottoms instead (including a lovely khaki green velvet pair…just as delightful as they sound); wearing only skirts and dresses; and wearing only jeans because they were the “cool” thing to wear then. My phase with jeans is now: wear them every so often, sometimes on lazy days, sometimes, weirdly, on ‘smarter’ days. My favourite pairs in the past couple of years were the Topshop Leigh jeans, then I moved on to the Topshop Joni jeans because we all know that high waists are much more flattering on me than slightly-too-tight-on-the-hips jeans that give me a delightful muffin top, and I’ve now moved on to the, unfortunately, more expensive Hollister high rise skinny jeans. Fortunately for me though, we were in America (where Hollister is about half the price of the UK) during the sales, and I managed to grab these for a ridiculously cheap price. I literally wear no other jeans now aside from these, and they’re holding up spectacularly well – no bagging, tearing, tightening etc. I guess that getting slightly more expensive jeans actually is worth it, even if it’s a brand I don’t particularly like to buy from. The only downside is that I doubt I’ll be near a Hollister in the US with sales on again any time soon, so these jeans are going to have to last me a while longer yet.
Baseball top, jeans and boots
OOTD with American jacket
Jeans, high heeled boots, baseball jacket


  1. March 18, 2014 / 9:55 am

    Great outfit Sian. Sorry to hear about your poorly kitty too! Having animals is so great, but they can get expensive!
    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

  2. March 18, 2014 / 11:33 am

    It’s been a while since I had cats, but yes they do eat odd things, but nowhere near as odd as the things my Beagle eats – 4 pieces of flapjack on Friday and absolutely no ill effects! Love the baseball jacket too.

  3. March 19, 2014 / 8:08 am

    Your cats are so cute! I seriously need some cats in my life. Hope Belle is ok! Love your outfit btw 🙂 x

  4. March 30, 2014 / 5:15 pm

    Oh kitties, the things they get into! We had a cat when I was young that swallowed about 40 feet of yarn and we had to pull it all back out. Not a happy kitty! Yours look like they’re in great hands though, and it really is wonderful to have loving balls of fluff to greet you.

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