Springtime Florals

Joe Browns dress, black heels
Spring floral dress outfit
Cropped Cardigan: Zara

A springtime outfit finally, and the first one of the year without tights!! To be honest, I’d been wearing tights earlier in the day, but we were going out for tea at a local pub with my family and I decided to be brave because the weather was fairly mild. I always forget that this pub is spectacularly windy and at the highest point of the North York Moors, so is generally pretty chilly! We sat inside near a fire though and I was definitely warm enough in there. So that was Saturday evening – during the daytime on Saturday I went shopping with my sister in Harrogate and bought a few things. I’d been hoping to go to Leeds to go to the Trinity Centre, in particular Primark for the gingham midi skirt and dresses! Luckily Harrogate has a Primark, but it’s not the best one, so I only managed to get a black cami top, some pink strappy shoes and the infamous pink midi skirt. I asked about the gingham clothes and the poor shop girl looked terribly baffled – guess they don’t do it there!
Floral dress with cream cardigan
Outfit with floral dress
So, this outfit – I was contacted by Joe Browns to ask if I’d be interested in trying out any of their clothing. I was really pleased they’d got in contact because I used to love flicking through their little catalogue we’d got when I was younger, occasionally being treated to something from it by my mum, but hadn’t had anything from there for quite a few years. I was so pleased when I saw the amount of retro styled and shaped dresses they had on offer – they were all perfectly springy and had such pretty names too. Mine is the “Sugar Loaf Mountain” dress, and has gorgeously thick material that has a nice weight so hangs beautifully. It was definitely a difficult decision though, so I’ve made a bit of a wishlist of all the dresses I had to leave behind on the website:

Joe Browns

I’ve been wearing these shoes a lot recently, although I slightly destroyed them the other day. I managed to slip and fall on the decking outside our house when emptying the cat litter tray (luckily it was already empty at this point!), and I sort of skidded sideways on them, meaning the black suede now has big green smears on it 🙁 I also managed to destroy my arm my falling onto it and crushing it with my own body weight, so that’s fairly spectacularly bruised now and I think there’s a little bit of chipped bone in there too (but bear in mind I’ve diagnosed this part myself!).
Busy busy again at the moment – not as busy as I have been recently, but plenty coming up! I’m planning to go to York on Saturday with my sister for last minute Florida clothes, then pilates and choir next week, and I’m going to see a local musical on Thursday with the family, and the next Thursday is Floridaaaa 😀
Floral skirt and heels
Cream cardigan with floral dress outfit


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