Sky Blue Dress

Pastel blue dress, spring
Pastel dress with navy cardigan
Navy cardigan: Zara
There’s no point in me doing the whole “I’m baaack” thing, because I frequently seem to disappear and reappear, but, well, I’m back! And this time my disappearance has a very reasonable explanation: I’ve been in Florida (yes, again!). I spent just over 2 weeks in Florida with my family and Ben, the first week in Orlando visiting the Disney and Universal parks (of course!), and the second down on the coast. I’m sure I’ll have a couple of posts all about it over the next few weeks (or months if my past record is anything to go by), so I won’t go into it all now, but I had, as usual, an amazing time. I do have a couple of outfits from before I went to share though, so this is the first of those.
Firstly, I acknowledge the weirdness of these photos, in particular my face – I really liked the outfit and wanted to photograph it, but set up the camera, took one set of self-timer pictures and decided it just wasn’t working and I didn’t want to do anymore. Then I looked at the pictures the next day, decided that actually they weren’t that bad, and wished I’d taken more to choose from. So unfortunately I only had 6 to pick out of, and these were the best 4, never mind! At least you see this gorgeously pretty dress! This was a random purchase in Tesco, yet again. I like to look at the clothes when we pop in, and I occasionally end up buying something. I just couldn’t resist this one for spring with the organza overlay and retro shape, and it was only £25, which I didn’t think was too bad, especially when there’s this very similar one for £38 in yellow and pink.
I wore this for a day to work and then out to choir in the evening. In fact Charley had to take a picture of me on the way because I was holding my choir books and she said I looked like a little choir girl! I got several compliments on it at choir, as we often do with our outfits there due to the fact that aside from a couple of others, we’re the youngest there by around 40 years! Unfortunately choir is “broken up” for summer now 🙁 The concert was on Saturday evening, where Fran and Charley did solos, but I missed it (and my solo!) because I was on the plane flying home from Florida – ah well, there’s always next time.
So, now I’m back I suppose I’d better get another book post up soon since I’ve read several on holiday! And I’ll be back soon with that other outfit post including a couple I took in Florida.

Blue spring dress
Floral spring dress outfit

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