white embroidered dress
mexican dress
vintage embroidered dress
embroidery on vintage mexican dress
vintage mexican dress
Belt: Borrowed from Charley
Hat: Florida
As per my Blog Sale post the other day, I’m now doing a few separate posts for some of the items I have for sale at the ASOS Marketplace since Charley and I put together outfits and styled them all as individual shoots. This is a gorgeous vintage white Mexican dress with embroidery, lace and ribbon along the hems and a floaty skirt. I bought it last year at the Vintage Festival in Scampston but I’ve never had the chance to wear it, it’s just been sitting collecting dust in my wardrobe. It is gorgeous, and if I lived somewhere where it was appropriate to wear white floaty dresses all the time, I would be wearing it all the time, but alas, even though it’s June, it’s currently grey, rainy and about 12C outside, meaning jeans or tights are the order of the day. So I want to give it a better home and one that it deserves, because this really should be worn and not just left in a wardrobe. It’s unsized but has a lot of material and an elasticated waist, and I think it could be worn by anyone from a size 8 up to maybe even a size 16.
I’d never used ASOS Marketplace for buying or selling in the past, but so far it seems to be going well. I prefer the idea of styling up your clothes like it’s a real shop rather than just a picture of it on the hanger. It also seemed to be way easier to use than eBay when listing items – where it takes me about 10-15 minutes to do one listing on eBay, it took about 5 minutes on ASOS. You can also make templates for shipping prices and use those which makes things a lot easier. I’ve already sold 3 things and have just had an offer on another that I’m waiting to go through. It’s not as quick as things selling on eBay, but that’s okay because at least I don’t have to take 20 things to the Post Office in one go!
So this dress is available to buy here – I’ve listed it for £21.99 which is more expensive than most of my other items on there, but it is a stunning vintage dress. I’m taking offers on things too, so you can always attempt that 🙂

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