The Green Dress

Green ASOS pencil dress

I talked a bit in my last post about how I was having problems with blogging lately – not feeling good enough with my pictures and forgetting why I blog in the first place. This set of outfit photos is one of the ones that I looked at and didn’t want to post, despite actually really liking the outfit in real life. It was a combination of most of the pictures being unflattering because the dress had ridden up and was bunched around my waist, as well as being slightly creased after a day at work wearing it, plus being in the boring location of my back garden with a horrible fence in the background. But I’ve decided to post them anyway – okay, I did pick the better ones that were more flattering, but I wanted to bear in mind why I do this. I like writing (even if it is always about myself and just what I’m wearing, however shallow that might seem!) and I like having a documentation of what I wore and what I did. If I’m trying to remember what happened at a certain point in my life in the last few years, I can always look back on my blog and see that, so I want to be able to get back to that again. Plus I want my blog to be real – in the past, my pictures weren’t always flattering (please don’t look too far back – some are awful!!) but they were always real, right back to the time they were taken, uncropped and unedited, in the kitchen of my Newcastle flat, with the bin in the corner – classy! In reality, it doesn’t matter if my dress is slightly creased – I’ve sat in an office all day and travelled to and from work by the time I’m taking pictures – and it doesn’t matter really matter if other people will like them or not, because it’s my blog.
Green pencil dress & heels
Workwear green dress
Okay, done now with all that I think! I suppose I should probably move onto the outfit part of this post now! A very ASOS outfit (again!), and it was even more so during the day at work as I was wearing a cropped cardigan from ASOS over the top too! I bought the dress a few months ago and kept it hidden in the wardrobe for a while thinking it was more of an evening/going out dress, but decided it the end it was no good just leaving it there, so pulled it out for work. I like the pencil shape, although it is pretty clingy, and the neckline is unusual. They had several different colours, and since I don’t usually go for green, I thought it would be something different in my wardrobe.
I went shopping with my sister at the weekend – I’ve been sticking quite well to the resolution I made to buy more classic pieces from independent brands, and I’ve cut back quite a lot on impulse buying from high street stores. But I’m never going to give up on that completely! I’m on the look out at the moment for a good autumn/winter coat – I know it’s early, but it can’t hurt to start looking! In reality, my ideal one would be this Miss Selfridge one from last year with it’s full skirt and fur cuffs and collar, but I also really like simplicity like this one from Esprit. I didn’t find anything similar in any of the shops we looked at over the weekend, so I’m maybe still a bit early for a winter coat. I did buy a cardigan from Dorothy Perkins and pair of sparkly heeled jelly shoes from New Look that were on sale for only £5! Okay, that was a bit of a crazy impulse buy, but at £5 I couldn’t say no, could I?!
In other news, I’ve just come back from a long weekend trip to the Peak District with Charley, Frankie and Ben which included vintage shopping, eating original Bakewell Puddings, a trip to Chatsworth and our own Come Dine With Me competition! I think I’m going to do a couple of separate posts on the trip actually because I want to show off Chatsworth, which was amazing, and the cute vintage shop in Bakewell, so that’s to come soon!
Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!
Green dress with ASOS heels


  1. September 1, 2014 / 4:45 am

    I think you look stunning in these photos, but I totally relate to how you feel


  2. September 1, 2014 / 7:59 am

    First: I have this dress too, so naturally I love it (and think it looks great on you!) 🙂

    Secondly: I also really relate to what you’ve written here: I have folders full of outfit photos I’ve taken and then not posted, because I hated them- in fact, I took some eat the weekend, on the way to a party, and when I looked back at them in the car, I was completely horrified by how unflattering my dress looked, and ended up sweating in a cardigan all night to try and hide it: gah! Anyway, i know what you mean, but I’m glad you posted these anyway, because you look gorgeous!

  3. September 1, 2014 / 8:01 am

    Er, I meant AT the weekend obviously: I didn’t EAT the weekend: I need to stop writing comments on my phone!

  4. September 1, 2014 / 8:23 am

    This colour is great on you and, oh my, the shape – it’s just perfect. Where you think it has bunched, I actually reckon it works really well. It looks like this might be one to transcend the seasons, so I look forward to seeing it in the future too. Kx (PS. Who’s worried about the fence and the back garden when something suits you so well!)

  5. September 1, 2014 / 10:54 am

    Wow! You look so gorgeous in this dress 🙂

  6. September 1, 2014 / 2:23 pm

    That green colour suits you really well and the dress itself looks AMAZING on you! Va-va-voom for sure. That neckline is really neat too, I dig it. I know what you mean about forgetting why you blog though… I fluctuate throughout the year with how interested or enthused I am with it, but I enjoy being able to look back like you so that’s partly why I keep it up.

  7. September 2, 2014 / 4:39 pm

    Regardless of what you think of these pictures, I love them and think you look AMAZING!
    This colour is great on you and you have a lovely figure. 🙂
    I don’t think I read your last post, but will go back and have a read now, but, if anything, we all need time out, plus, as reality changes, so do our thoughts towards our blogs.. you’ll sort yourself out eventually. 🙂


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