Autumn Wear: 15 for 15

Recently Charlotte wrote about how she was thinking about doing another remix challenge, like we used to do back in the old days of blogging. Some of the first blogs I came across were ones like The Clothes Horse, Selective Potential and Delightfully Tacky – what I loved was that they were normal girls, wearing normal clothes everyday and often showing how they’d worn those clothes in various different ways. Back in my early blogging days, I used to do the same too, inspired by them – remixing my favourite pieces in as many ways as possible. Sometimes I think nowadays blogging is more about showing off new clothes rather than showing how to make the most of your wardrobe, which is really what I started out to do. So I decided to get in on it with Charlotte and do my own challenge, choosing only 15 items of clothing to wear over the course of 15 days.
A looong time ago, more than 3 years ago now, I did a 30 for 30, and that was pretty tough! It’s funny to look back at those pictures now (see some of those if you dare here!) because they’re quite different to what I’d wear now, but then again, I still wear a lot of those pieces – 3 of the tops and 5 of the jumpers/cardigans are still in rotation in my daily wardrobe!
So, what did I choose this time? I’d been waiting to break out my autumn stuff for a while, not wanting to wear my tartan and autumnal colours until it actually was cold, but I think the time has finally come. I picked out 5 tops, 5 bottoms, 2 dresses and 3 jumpers/cardigans. I’ll explain more about my choices below, but I decided not to include shoes in the count since that would leave me with only 10 or 11 items of actual clothing for 15 days, and that’s not many!
15 for 15 tops
F&F Tartan Blouse (last year) | Primark Black Long Sleeved Top (old) | ASOS Paisley Blouse (new) | People Tree Rollneck Top (new via ASOS) | Joules Striped Top

15 for 15 bottoms

New Look Denim Pencil Skirt | Tartan Mini Skirt (old –  vintage via eBay) | Topshop Joni Jeans | ASOS Tartan Midi Skirt | Zara Green Pencil Skirt (old)

15 for 15 dresses

Primark Paisley Dress (last year) | New Look Black Dress (old)

15 for 15 knits

ASOS Cropped Cardi (last year) | Warehouse White Jumper (last year – via ASOS) | Dorothy Perkins Berry Cardigan

As you can see, I like tartan and got a bit excited by being able to break those out – a tartan blouse and 2 skirts, one green based and mini, the other red based and midi. I had to bear a few things in mind when choosing, including the fact that I get easily cold and like to have my arms covered in the office to stop me getting chilly, so all my tops are long sleeved. I also needed a few warmer things for any colder days or to go with the dresses, so added a couple of cardigans, one cropped to suit my skirts and high waisted items better, the other new and cozy, and a jumper. The final thing I needed to bear in mind is that one evening a week I now take Brownies which involves a lot of moving around, getting on the floor etc. so comfortable and high waisted (so they don’t fall down!) jeans were in order for that.
Basically, I went along the same lines for everything – tartan, paisley or plain. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of choosing all plain clothes and being bored, and I think I’ve got a good balance. A good number of these items have been worn before multiple times, some of them even several times on the blog too and I’ll probably link back to those outfits at some point during the challenge to show how I’ve worn them. I have a feeling I may recreate a blog outfit I’ve done in the past too as I’ve got all the items for that, but sshh! The only new autumn clothes I’ve bought so far this season are included here: the ASOS paisley blouse, People Tree rollneck jumper (from ASOS) and ASOS tartan midi skirt – hopefully I won’t need to buy any more, but we’ll see, I may be fed up of these after the challenge!
So, I very likely won’t post every day, so may do phone photos and round ups on a few days – I have busy weeks at the moment, with choir on Tuesday, Brownies on Wednesday, supermarket one evening after work, plus last week I had an extra choir rehearsal for a wedding I’m singing in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be having meetings for Brownies too at some point – crazy! But we’ll see how it goes – I’m excited!
Do you have any ideas of outfits I can get out of these? I have some in mind already, for example, the black dress can very easily be layered over the blouses, the plain tops with the patterned skirts, and patterned tops with plain skirts/jeans, but any ideas are welcomed!

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