Challenge: Days 2, 3 and 4/15

Tartan mini skirt
Tartan skirt outfit
Winter outfit with tights and tartan
Tartan Skirt: Vintage via eBay
Black Shoes: Matalan

The main outfit in this post (as opposed to the 2 in the collage below) is from day 4 of my 15 for 15 challenge, and features one of my favourite pieces of clothing, my tartan skirt, with a top that I’m imagining will be a favourite through autumn and winter this year. I’ve worn the tartan skirt in various ways, both on the blog and not – feeling like a ‘Headmistress’ apparently here, with glasses and over the knee socks here, bundled up the snow here and with the white jumper I’ve also got in my 15 for 15 items list here (may need to repeat that outfit!). As you can tell, it’s a pretty useful remix item, but I try to reserve it for autumn and winter only because tartan just feels like a winter thing to me. The roll neck top works really well colourwise with the skirt, being similar in colour to another long sleeved top I’ve had a for a couple of years that is looking a bit ragged now after a rather excessive amount of wear.
So that was day 4, but what did I wear for days 2 and 3? Well, that’s below! Sorry for the horrible grainy Instagram pictures, but it’s lucky I remembered to get them taken – Day 2 was a choir evening so snapped that picture at the top of the stairs straight after I came in, right before bed, and Day 3 was after a busy Brownies night spent running around and trying to catch 7 to 9 year olds while wearing a blindfold (apparently the game was Princesses and Dragons!).
Days 2 and 3
Day 2 Outfit: Dorothy Perkins Cardigan; ASOS Paisley Blouse; New Look Denim Skirt.
Day 3 Outfit: Joules Striped Top; Topshop Joni Jeans.
So I’ve got a busy weekend coming up – I’m singing at a wedding tomorrow with a small part of my choir. That’s going to be interesting because there are only a few of us, 2 or 3 in each part, and we’ve only had a single rehearsal! Then in the evening I’m going out with Helen, Rosie and Katy to York – we’re having a meal and cocktails, so that should be really nice. I’ve already got my outfit planned for that, but it’s not made up of clothes from the 15 for 15, for obvious reasons! I am trying to put together a black and white outfit (dress code for the wedding) for tomorrow out of my 15 items though, and I think I have one that may work. I hadn’t thought about that when I’d chosen my items, so it may be that I need to add another item for it, but it is a special occasion that warrants a slight cheat I’d say! Sunday is set to be busy too with a lot of work and shopping to get done too, so looks like there’ll be no chance to rest this weekend, next week, or even the next weekend which is….my birthday!!
Roll neck jumper with tartan skirt
Tartan skirt, grey tights


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