#BloggerMystery, The Descendants: Part 2

So you’re probably wondering what happened to Georgina and her little dog Piku by now, and I’m afraid we’re not a lot closer to knowing the truth. Find out what happened in the first part of my story here. But something else has happened now, and I’m not sure I can quite believe it myself, even though I saw it with my own two eyes. It seems surreal to me now that I’m back in the safe confines of my room at the mansion, but it was horrible, awful, crazy…I’m getting ahead of myself in my fear though. What I need to do is tell the day, step by step, convince myself that it can’t have been true. Here goes…
So the other Descendants and I spent the day in a state of limbo – we couldn’t leave the grounds as they’re now classed as the scene of a crime, even though there doesn’t seem to be any clear evidence aside from the blood left behind. I spent a while in my room, fretting over what happened. Had I really seen anything or was it just my tired imagination? Was there something I could have done to stop whatever had happened from happening? And why was it that Georgina had been picked rather than any of us?There are only so many times you can go through what happened in your head though, and I eventually plucked up the courage to head downstairs and see how Beth, Daisy and Becky were coping. Not well it seemed; the situation was getting to all of us. And I could no longer deal with being inside that place any more, cooped up in the very building where Georgina had been murdered. I was getting more and more claustrophobic by the minute, despite the high ceilings and spacious rooms. Even though the thought was scary, I needed to get some fresh air, and thought there couldn’t be any harm in wandering the grounds of the mansion, after all, the murder had happened inside, and what’s the chance the killer would still be hanging around?The sun was just dipping below the horizon as I stepped out the door onto the terrace; the twilight was flooding the gardens with the last of the golden light that can only be associated with a typical autumn evening. I’d heard from the Librarian that there was a lake on the boundaries on the grounds, although I hadn’t been able to see it from the window of my room. The light was glinting off it as I wandered down through between the neatly clipped hedges, so I followed the path down.As I reached the lake, the sun disappeared for good, casting an eerie glow over the waters, as something rippled the surface of the lake, moving beneath. The Librarian hadn’t mentioned that they kept fish in the lake, but I supposed it was probably likely that’s what it was. I stepped off the path and peered into the water to get a closer look, and noticed that what was at first a small ripple was expanding, the water almost pulling away from it rapidly as whatever was below arose. First what seemed to be the nose of a fish searching for food appeared, but it continued to rise as the water darkened with a shadow beneath that seemed to be ever growing.

It’s almost impossible to describe what I saw since I can barely believe it myself, but that “nose” of a fish was in fact only the smallest tip of the smallest tentacle of the huge beast that emerged from the lake. It was hideous, repulsive, terrifying – there aren’t enough words to tell you. The closest thing I can think what it looked like was the Kraken of ancient mythology – it seemed to have hundreds of tentacles, all twisting and writhing towards me as I stood frozen momentarily. It barely registered that my feet had started moving until I realised I was halfway back up the garden and glancing back down at the lake behind me, the waters calm again as if nothing had happened just seconds before.


I reached the house breathless, both from the race up the garden away from the monstrous thing I had seen and in panic from the thing itself. The girls were there to meet me at the door – I don’t remember screaming out in fright, but apparently I did as they’d all heard me coming. At first I couldn’t get the words out to tell them what had happened – I was still in doubt myself that I really had seen anything. And despite their kind words and hugs to calm me down, I could see the looks of scepticism on their faces. I understand; I wouldn’t have believed it if I was in their shoes and it had been one of them running like a mad thing up the garden and exclaiming that they’d seen “a giant octopus” too.

The events from the night before must have really got to me, as they can do, when you’re stuck in what can only be described as a house pulled straight from a stereotypical nightmare, complete with all the creaky floorboards, twisting corridors and dusty rooms you can imagine, and that’s not to mention the strange things that had already happened.

After I’d related my tale to them, my head began to pound, probably with all the adrenaline, so I headed back up to my room, hopefully to safety, although if that’s what got Georgina, she disappeared from her room… I can see the torch beams of the police shining around the gardens as they begin the search for what I saw to investigate the claims I’ve made. I know they’ll all think I’m crazy, but I saw it with my own eyes, I heard it roar as it emerged. What’s happening?

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