Green pencil skirt
White Jumper: Warehouse via ASOS | Green Pencil Skirt: Zara | Flats: F&F

Remember a few weeks ago I was doing my 15 for 15? Remember how I suddenly got really poorly with flu in the middle of that? I did try to carry on with the 15 for 15 for the first day, wearing the most stretchy and comfortable clothes I had, but the second flu day was even worse and I could barely get off the sofa, let alone put real clothes on, and it continued that way for the next couple of days, so all thoughts of the 15 for 15 went out of the window. So this was one of the last outfits I captured, can’t even remember each day any more, quite likely the day I came down with the flu looking at the quality of them! Strangely I’d felt absolutely fine all day at work, then had tea, sat down with Ben in the evening, and at around 9pm I said my throat was feeling a bit sore, then by 10pm when we went up to bed, I was in full blown cold mode, sneezing everywhere and barely able to talk (which is something for me!).
Anyway, that was quite a bit ago now really, nearly a month – woops! I’ve been a bit preoccupied with life to update on what’s been going on recently, but nothing terribly exciting has happened! We went out for Ben’s birthday last weekend to a new restaurant nearby called Gi Sukawaka at Canadian Fields which is inside a tent inspired by the kata tents of the Sami people in Lapland – very interesting! Then Ben and I went for a night away (to Scarborough!) on Thursday night, but more on that soon. And have you figured out what’s going on in the Waterstones’ Blogger Mystery I’ve been involved in yet? Have you been following?
So anyway, not the most exciting of outfits, and only two pictures because the rest turned out blurry (I need to keep still!). The pencil skirt is fairly old now since I got it before I started at Durham, and the jumper is from last autumn. I’m always a bit scared to wear white since I spill all manner of food stuffs down myself on a daily basis, but so far I’ve done quite well with this jumper! Anyway,  I’ll be back soon with a better outfit post, promise! Although when I get those photos is a difficult question to answer since it’s only just light when I set off to work now (and I’m too lazy to add any more time into my routine on a morning to squeeze in photos!) and it’s dark when I get home, plus I don’t like indoor photos, but I think it’s going to have to happen sometime. But I do have a few more interesting posts lined up than just outfit posts, so hopefully you’ll enjoy those coming up too 🙂
Pencil skirt & jumper

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