Vintage Godmother dress
Vintage Godmother dress
Vintage Godmother dress
Cropped Cardigan: ASOS
Floral Dress: Bowler Vintage (York)
Clutch Bag: F&F

I’m slowly getting more up to date on my posts, and I’m now up to only about a week ago with some exciting news. I’m really lucky to have a group of close friends from school (all pictured here!) that I’ve known for a very long time, one of whom, Helen, I’ve pretty much known since we were born and went to school with from 3 to 16, which is unusual considering we went to a boarding school (but we weren’t boarders!). Anyway, just more than a year ago, she announced to us that she was expecting a baby – this was super exciting because she’s the first of my friends to be engaged and have a baby. And while I was in Florida earlier this year, her little girl Evelyn was born. Of course, as soon as I was home, I rushed round to meet her, and she is so dainty and beautiful. I was even more excited when, at the end of summer, Helen handed me the prettiest little card asking me to be one of Evelyn’s godmothers along with our other two friends, Rosie and Katy. And finally last weekend, the Christening date came around! And here’s all of us with the lovely little lady herself looking so cute in a gorgeous little dress completely with a sparkly skirt:
Goddaughter Christening
Godmother Christening dress
So of course I had to blog the outfit I wore to the Christening! I actually got the dress back in summer – I went shopping with Charley and we went to our favourite vintage shop in York, Bowler Vintage. I wasn’t really intending to buy anything as I’d already been planning what I was going to wear for the Christening and was thinking of the Lindy Bop Audrey (I’m still thinking about buying one of those anyway!), but we decided to try on all the clothes we liked in the shop anyway for funsies, and this one just happened to be amazing! Charley convinced me that I should wear this for the Christening, and even though it was possibly a bit over the top, I couldn’t leave it behind! And I’m always over the top in what I’m wearing anyway, so it didn’t make much of a difference! I decided to go for my old favourite ASOS heels for the day too as I knew I’d have to walk up in the church in front of lots of people and didn’t want to give myself more of an opportunity to fall over! For the first weekend in November, it was actually really warm too, so I didn’t even need a coat, just the cardigan.
Anyway, the day was lovely – the service in the church went really well, and Evelyn wasn’t even bothered when she got the water poured over her head, she was too preoccupied with trying to grab the priest’s glasses! After the service, we all headed over to Sandburn Hall which was lovely – I’d been there before for Ben’s work’s Christmas party 6 years ago (crazy it was that long ago!), but hadn’t seen it properly in daylight. The room we were in had huge windows overlooking the golf course that let in lots of light, and they put on a buffet with lots of yummy food for us. My parents and sister were also invited to the Christening as they’ve known Helen and her family forever (not even joking, my mum knows her family right back to childhood!), so it was lovely that we were all there to celebrate!
Vintage Godmother dress
Vintage Godmother dress
Vintage Godmother dress


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