Christmas Jumper Take Two

Olaf Christmas jumper with jeans
Olaf Christmas jumper with jeans
Olaf Christmas Jumper: Secret Santa gift (buy here on Amazon) | Jeans: ASOS | Boots: Next

Notice something different in these pictures?! Yeh, that’s ten inches of hair gone from my head!! Along with the glasses, I swear I don’t look like the same person – I keep wondering who it is in the mirror! I had my hair cut last night – I hadn’t had it done for more than a year (this was my last cut) because I’m so forgetful and lazy that I left it right up until now, so it was down to my waist again and had got to that length where I laid on it in bed (and got stuck!), it got into huge knots that took half an hour to brush out and it took hours to dry (literally, I washed it at 7pm on Sunday and on Monday morning at 8am it was still damp…). So instead of having it tidied up, I decided to go all the way and have something slightly more drastic. I chose this picture as inspiration, picked a colour for it and gave Kellie, my hairdresser, free rein. My book club friends came round for the evening too, partly for book club discussions and partly for moral support, so it was a fun night. And I’m so pleased with how my hair turned out! I am a bit concerned that I’ll wash it and not be able to get it to look like this again, but we’ll see.
So onto the outfit a bit! I’m currently wearing glasses because I managed to get myself some sort of eye infection after our work Christmas party (more on that in another post, last pictures of me with long hair in that!). I wore my contact lenses, as I do every day, went to bed fine, and woke up not being able to open one eye or see out of it. It was awful over the weekend, but a lot better now, but I’m going to wear glasses until tomorrow evening (Christmas Eve, eep!) when my family come round – hopefully it’ll be completely fine by then.
The Christmas Jumper is new – we did a Book Club Secret Santa (one of the three I took part in – work, ASOS [which I never got :(] and Book Club) and Charley got me this Olaf jumper, so awesome!! Of course, I had to wear it to work today for our last day before Christmas! We went out for lunch at work, so I thought it was a pretty good excuse for an occasion to wear it. Apparently it’s actually age 11-12, so it’s a little short on the arms, but I prefer things more fitted, so that’s not a problem with me! I know I already had #ChristmasJumperDay at work, but you can’t have too many! The jeans are also new, bought when ASOS gave their Premier customers early access to their sale with 30%, only to find out they went down to more than 50% off the very next day – annoying!! I bought a couple of pairs of jeans since I’m down to about 2 other pairs that fit me well (my old Topshop ones have gone all baggy and weird now) – these, which are high waisted and have slashed knees, although those sit below my knees for some strange reason, and another very basic pair of jeans which I wore yesterday.
Technically the boots are actually new too, although I’ve actually had them more than a month, just not worn them on the blog yet. They were one of my first winter purchases this year when I discovered I didn’t own any flat(ish) ankle boots. I was in Next and intending to spend a bit more on a pair of good quality ones, but I liked these better than the more expensive ones, so went for them. They’re comfortable, but quite smooth on the bottom so I haven’t been able to wear them on rainy days where I’ve walked up to town on my lunch since there’s a hill that’s often covered in leaves – dangerous for me even in grippy shoes!
So, what do you think of the new hair?! The colour is actually pretty much what I would have said my natural colour was, although it’s apparently got darker recently, so it’s my old natural colour I suppose. And I’m loving the new length, although my head does feel a bit like it’s going to float away – I swear we took about 2lb of hair off my head!!
Olaf Christmas jumper with jeans
Olaf Christmas jumper with jeans
Olaf Christmas jumper with jeans
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  1. December 24, 2014 / 8:22 pm

    Loving your new haircut, Sian! Very chic. I totally empathise with the long hair situation. I used to have long hair down to my bum(!) and it would take at least a whole day to dry. I felt like I had a new head when I chopped it all off. The weirdest feeling was not having to flick my hair out when I put my jacket/coat on!

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