Ghost London

Ghost London dress
Ghost London dress
Drop Waist Dress: c/o Ghost | Tights: M&S | Heels: F&F
I’ve been holding off on blogging for the past couple of days in the hopes that I might have some good (house related) news to tell you, but as of right now, we’re still in a housing limbo of having put an offer on a property and waiting to hear back! There’s been a lot of back and forth, but we’re in with our final offer now, based on the fact that there having been some changes announced to Stamp Duty today by the Chancellor meaning that we’ll be saving a lot of money on any house we buy (really, a lot – thousands! It’s awesome!). I’m hoping there’ll be good news tomorrow morning, but there’s always the chance it may not go through, so trying to not get my hopes too high!
So for now, I’ll try not to talk about houses! Instead, let’s get on with outfit talk – this is a dress I received from Ghost several weeks ago and, despite being on the more expensive side of the dresses I tend to buy and wear, I’ve actually worn it far more times than I thought I would do! It’s also a silhouette I tend to stray away from generally with the dropped waist, but I decided to give it a go this time and ended up actually quite liking it. Unfortunately, I do find it hard to pair with any layers, since there’s absolutely no definition on my waist meaning layers will just end up making me look bulky, so I’ve tended to wear it just by itself with a pair of opaque tights and a coat or jacket over the top – I have found my leather jacket looks good with it, so that’s a plus! The colour is one that I tend to stray towards hugely through autumn and winter, as do the rest of my family – I swear, every time I put something this colour on, so do my mum, dad and sister, even Ben sometimes! We looked a right state all turning up to the pub the other day in various shades of burgundy! It’s also ridiculous comfortable due to the loose fit which means, even though it’s a more expensive dress, I’ve thrown it on on a few lazy days for tidying the house and staying at home – oops!
Ghost London dress
Ghost London dress
So, aside from house hunting (which has had my heart on edge all week every time my phone has buzzed!), I’ve had a fairly busy time recently. I took the day off work on Friday to go down to Sheffield with Charley for a factory sale at Panache – we’d heard how amazing it was and were way too excited for it. I ended up spending over £80 on underwear, though I did get 4 bras, 9 pairs of knickers, a swimming costume and a babydoll – and bear in mind that underwear (particularly bras in my size!) are pretty expensive and I’d probably only have been able to buy 2 at full price for that money, so I was very pleased! I’ve also gone up another couple of cup sizes recently (eurgh), so I’ve now got a few more well fitting pieces as some of mine are on the smaller side now. We also popped over to Meadowhall, pretty crazy idea considering it was Black Friday and the first one that the UK has really caught on to, so it was fairly busy but not awful. And I didn’t even buy anything in Primark, seriously!! The biggest achievement of the day was probably the fact that we successfully navigated our way down there and round Sheffield by ourselves (ahem, with the aid of Kent the Sat Nav) without getting lost once – impressed!
On Saturday, it was my choir concert and my first solo in 5 years! I wasn’t particularly nervous until the day before, then suddenly got a bit anxious, mostly due to the fact that it was in the Abbey at my old school and I knew several of my old teachers, including my two old choir teachers, would be there and listening to me! It’s also got crazy acoustics which are great when you’re used to them, as I once was, but I hadn’t sung there for ages, so had forgotten what it was like – it’s very unique! You need to feel like you’re slightly ahead of the organ to be able to be on time, which feels weird when you’ve forgotten that. It was a piece that had been transposed to be a soprano piece, so had been difficult to practise as I don’t have a piano here and there are no recordings of it in anything other than a male voice on Youtube. Fortunately, it all went well aside from an extra strategic breath I had to slip in! My family all came along, including my grandma, and sat in the front row – felt like I was back in a school play or something! And I’ve doing it all over again the weekend after this in our local church, so a much more informal setting. This weekend though, I’m off to Newcastle for the night with Rosie, Helen and Katy to stay in a hotel, have a meal, some drinks and a massage – excited!


  1. December 4, 2014 / 12:51 pm

    This dress looks beautiful on you! I recently treated myself to a Ghost dress and now I need oh so many more in my collection! x

  2. December 13, 2014 / 1:52 am

    I love this look! The color is so pretty. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Come over any time. 😀

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