Lace Pencil Skirt & Pin Up Cardigan

Voodoo Vixen cardigan with pencil skirt
Voodoo Vixen cardigan with pencil skirt
Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen | Pencil Skirt: Primark | Heels: ASOS
As I often am, I’m behind on outfit posts again, and this one was taken a while ago although it’s an outfit I repeat fairly frequently at the moment. I got the cardigan for my birthday from my parents – it’s from Voodoo Vixen whose stuff I am obsessed with! I already owned this dress from them, and had been looking at their cardigans for ages before getting this one. I was a bit concerned about the keyhole on the neck that it might show off too much cleavage, but it’s alright actually, and I have also worn it with a black scoop top underneath with covers up that a bit. The skirt is actually fairly old now, although I think it’s still available (or was up until recently) in some stores where it hasn’t sold out, as Charley and I were in Primark recently and she picked it up, saying she thought I would like it, only for me to tell her I already owned it from more than a year ago! Strangely it’s actually a size 6, because that was all that was left when I bought it aside from a size 16, and even though I’m definitely a lot closer to a 10 than a 6 usually, it fits really well. It’s really good thick material which is a plus in a tight fitting pencil skirt like this as thin ones can show up all sorts of lumps and bumps!
Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures of this outfit, and I also don’t have a lot to say today! We haven’t yet heard on our house plans, but I had an amazing weekend in Newcastle with some of my oldest friends. We stayed in Malmaison on the Quayside (really close to where I used to live!), had massages, a 2 course meal, cocktails in the hotel bar and lots of snacks and gossip in the room. I’d had a stressful week, so it was definitely what I needed. We’re making this an annual thing now, to do at least a night away together somewhere and are already starting to plan next year’s trip.

Voodoo Vixen cardigan with pencil skirt

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