Bronco Christmas Party 2014

ASOS Christmas party dress
ASOS Christmas party dress
ASOS Christmas party dress
ASOS Christmas party dress
ASOS Christmas party dress
I thought I’d better get a move on and get my Christmas Party outfit up to show you before the festive season completely leaves us! There are more Christmas themed party outfits to come, plus my Christmas Day outfit too, and it’s already the New Year – can’t believe it!
So, you might (or might not!) remember when I posted about last year’s Christmas party at the Old Swan hotel in Harrogate. We went for the same place again this year, and it was casino themed again, although I somehow managed to completely miss out on the casino tables and everything! Last year, I wore a full skirted midi dress with a petticoat underneath, so this year I was planning to go for something completely different, but in the end, ended up wearing something fairly similar – oops! I’d chosen an amazing red sequined strapless dress (I was going for the Jessica Rabbit look!) which I’d bought for half its usual price back in September, but tried it on a couple of nights before the party and completely changed my mind. I just didn’t feel comfortable in it, no matter what I did – I tried it with a corset underneath (which was awesome by the way, but way over the top!) and with a cover up, but still didn’t feel right. So I then proceeded to try every other fancy dress I could find in my wardrobe. I hadn’t even decided on the actual night! I took 6 different dresses with me, including the sequin one, just in case, then decided on this ASOS bardot midi dress which I’d actually considered as a Christmas party dress contender last year!
Fortunately, Chew was there again this year, so we managed to spend a good long time taking these outfit photos! We tried to get a bit more creative this year, finding different rooms to get pictures in and even the red carpet leading down to the function room – although we did occasionally get photobombed (both by strangers as well as work colleagues and husbands!!).
Also fortunately, we didn’t forget our bag this year and have to run down to the meal after having to drive the almost full hour home then back again for it, so I managed to get some proper make up on and to curl my hair this year…for the last time before it all got cut off! As such, these are the last pictures you’ll see with my long hair for a while!
It was another great night which included a nice meal (I was the only one at the table to choose the fish dish over turkey and beef!) and a bit of dancing. We ended up going to bed around 1am, which wasn’t particularly late, but a lot of people had already headed off, plus Ben had work the next day. He managed to work his way in with plenty of my colleagues, seemingly trying to sell them all speakers (that’s his job, just in case you wondered why he was on this particular mission!!), and he definitely enjoyed himself too.
So today’s the last day of my “Christmas holidays” and I’m back to work on Monday, so here’s looking forward to another year at Bronco – I’m excited to see what it’ll bring! I’ve enjoyed my time off, but it’ll be nice to get back into routine and back to normal again, even if it means I don’t have hours to spend sewing and reading, speaking of which, I have a dress to finish and a cat to get to the vets…think she’s had her tail bitten by another cat…

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