Food: Emily Fruit Crisps Review

Emily Fruit Crisps review
Emily fruit crips crunchy apple
Crunchy Apple fruit crisps review
Emily Fruit Crisps*
One thing that I cannot leave the house without, whether I’m going to work, shopping, driving in the car a couple of miles down the road, is an emergency snack in my bag. I’m one of those kinds of people who, when they’re hungry, are very hungry, and must eat immediately. I get a bit panicked if I don’t have something on hand to eat at any given time – I know, I’m a bit weird. I also tend to get very cranky when I’m hungry too (and tired, essentially I’m just a 3 year old), so if you want me in a good mood, bring me food (hey, that rhymes – new motto for meee!).
I’m always on the lookout for slightly more healthy snacks that take little effort on my part, because generally I’m pretty lazy (what did I tell you about that 3 year old thing?!). I mostly either grab a cereal bar or some breakfast biscuits on my way out the house, and most of my friends and family can tell you about the “emergency biscuits” I keep in my handbag. Unfortunately, these are not the most health-friendly of snacks. I’d love to be able to have homemade things every day, but by the time I’m out of bed, chopping up carrots and roasting vegetables is just completely out of the question! I’m doing pretty well at the moment prepping smoothies at the weekend and keeping the chopped fruit in the freezer until the day I need it, but snacks is another matter.
So, getting to the point of this post – Emily Fruit Crisps! When I was offered the chance to try a few packets of these, I jumped at the chance. I thought they’d be along the lines of the dried fruit you can buy in supermarkets – I used to get the dried mango, but it’s pretty expensive for what it is. But I was completely wrong – these actually are like crisps in their texture. No idea how they manage it (the website explains that it’s something to do with them being made in a vacuum, yum sciencey!), but the effect is definitely up my street. I also wondered if they might have that freeze-dried fruit kind of flavour like the little strawberries and raspberries you get in cereal – nothing wrong with that, just a bit strange. But again, I was wrong – they honestly taste just like the fruit they are. I tried all three flavours: Crunchy Banana, Crunchy Pineapple and Crunchy Apple, and I’m pretty sure the apple is my favourite. All are very strangely addictive too – I tried to save some of the apple for Ben to try, but they were there on my desk one minute, then when I picked the packet up to go home…it was empty! Shock, horror – definitely nothing to do with me and my insatiable greed :/
And there are even more upsides to these crisps than just the taste and crispy crunch – they’re healthy. They have no preservatives, additives, added sugars or E numbers, and they’re apparently gluten free too (not that that makes much of a difference to me, but it’ll be good to some!). And on top of that, have you seen the packaging?! So pretty – I’m proud to have these on my desk.
The only problem? Nowhere near me currently sells these, boo! Possibly a good thing for my bank balance though if that magic disappearing act is going to happen with every packet of these I buy…You can buy these in Selfridges and other places though (check out the map to find your nearest distributor). I’m still just wondering how I’m going to get my fix at the moment…
And I’ll leave you with one final thought, quite possibly borrowed from a popular television advert of late:
They’re not Emily’s, they’re mine.


  1. January 19, 2015 / 10:00 pm

    Ooh these look so yummy! I also get so cranky when I’m hungry, it’s literally uncontrollable!

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