Revooly Review: Get Paid To Write Reviews

A couple of months ago, I heard about a site called Revooly which had the tagline: “Get Paid To Write Reviews”. I managed to find a few reviews (of a review site, ha!) on the internet from bloggers who’d used the site, and it sounded pretty awesome to me. Essentially what you do is sign up to the site and review stuff to get a certain percentage of your spending on that item back – a little bit like a cashback site, except you get the payment immediately once your review has been accepted, and you can use the site to explore reviews of products you’re interested in by real people (and they’re going to be proper reviews too as the incentive isn’t based on giving a positive review, simply just a review), plus it shows all the cheapest prices for those items across the internet. All in all, a pretty awesome website!
So, I decided I would join and give it a go to see how I got on with it – could it be too good to be true?
I tried it out on an item we already owned – a Tefal ActiFry. As you can imagine, the purpose of the site is to collect reviews for specific items and earn cashback as a reward for reviewing it. I went through the list checking out what we already owned, but you could also go through it choosing what you want to buy. To get started, you sign up for an account (really easy) and head to the Wishlist page – there are specific items that Revooly want reviews for, and you’ll find these here.
Revooly review
Snapshot of some items currently available for review.
So, take a look through the list, and make a decision on what you own and feel able to thoroughly review, or something that you want to buy and will review after receiving it. The ActiFry I reviewed is no longer up there, but we’ll use another as an example. Underneath each item you’ll see how much cashback as a % that you’ll receive by doing the review. If you click this, it will then show you how much cashback you’ll get based on the current lowest price of that item online. You’ll also see the deadline you have for the review, for example:
Revooly review
So this ActiFry’s best online price is £127.99, you’d receive 25% cashback on it after reviewing, which is £32, and you have 14 days to write the review – plenty of time to order it, try it out and take photos. You’ll need to click: “Write A Review” in order to book your “slot” – I assume they only need so many places, so they reserve yours for only 14 days or until you’ve written the review.
Then it’s onto the reviewing part! Revooly have some guidelines to help you write your review here, and you can take a look at my Tefal ActiFry review as an example here. They recommend that you use at least 3 clear pictures and describe the item and how well it works in at least 600 words answering questions buyers might be asking themselves such as how it was packaged, your first impressions of the item and how to use it.
Tefal Actifry Revooly review
The payment system is super easy too – all you do is input your Paypal address when you sign up, and once your review has been approved, you will be sent your payment through Paypal. Mine came in less than 24 hours, impressive!
I’ve reserved a couple of slots on other items to review, although I’m pretty forgetful and haven’t managed to do them yet – oops!  They do email you a reminder a few days before your slot runs out, but sometimes I just haven’t managed to get the pictures done. But I’m definitely up for using this time and time again, as long as items I have/want are on their wishlist. It’s a really easy way to make a few extra pounds here and there, and there are some big price items you can earn quite a bit on! The only criticism I would have is that there don’t seem to be new items added very frequently to their wishlist, but I would imagine that as the site grows and people use it more, things will be added more quickly. I also noticed an issue with an item I wanted to review that had a pricing error (bots may have picked it up wrong off the site), but I reported it to the email address listed on the site and had a really quick response that they’d sorted it out – they also took my suggestion of adding a report button for errors like this and added it to their list – I would imagine they don’t have time to check every price every single day, so it would be good for users to be able to report any obvious ones.
Have you tried using Revooly? What do you think of it?

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  1. January 15, 2015 / 1:14 pm

    Very interesting – I actually had no idea this kind of site was out there, but it makes sense (and was about time!). I bet I wouldn’t have anything that was on their lists though!! Although I am eyeing up a new hoover… ha! CC x

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