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A Little Taste of Yorkshire Cookbook

a little taste of yorkshire book
a little taste of yorkshire book
a little taste of yorkshire book
a little taste of yorkshire book
(Spot Ben’s sister, Beth, with the double thumbs up in the front!)
a little taste of yorkshire book
a little taste of yorkshire book
a little taste of yorkshire book
a little taste of yorkshire book
One thing you should know about Ben and me is that we have a lot of cookbooks, and I mean a lot…as in I just got Ben to count them and he managed to find 93! Our sideboard cupboard is full of them, and we have a whole shelf of “favourites” in the kitchen, plus there are a few by the bed and some boxed up ready to move to the new house soon! It wouldn’t be a birthday or Christmas without us getting at least a couple of cookbooks, whether from each other or from family members. Of course, last Christmas was no different except for one thing – the cookbook that Ben and I received from his sister was one that she had had a hand in herself: A Taste of Yorkshire.
Beth works at Hallmark in Bradford and grew up around here in North Yorkshire. As part of The Prince’s Trust Million Makers challenge, Hallmark put together this team to create something that showcased everything that Yorkshire has to offer, and what better than a cookbook with recipes from the gems of the county. Independent businesses such as restaurants, cafes, farm shops and delis from God’s own county (as they call it!) donated their best recipes to this book so they can share the goodness of Yorkshire with others. And the members of the team gave their own recipes too, so Beth gets her own double page (see above!) – so exciting to see a family member in a real cookbook!
Highlights for me include a proper fish pie from Whitby’s Trenchers, the Ultimate Burger from Aston Springs Farm and the good old Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding & Gravy by Christopher Blackburn at Yorkshire Pudd.
So while we were lucky enough to get this as a Christmas present, where can you get yours? It’s available on eBay for only £8.99 (which is pretty good for cookbook stuffed full of recipes nowadays!) – they are attempting as an entrepreneurial challenge to raise more than £10,000 for The Prince’s Trust, so it all goes to a very worthy cause! You can also Like their page on Facebook here for more Yorkshire updates.

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