Outwit The Weather

joules outwit the weather wishlist
So I was going to try to do more wishlists – I said this back in November, and it’s now February, and look how far I got…not very! There’s no time like the present though, is there?!
Joules have been a brand I’ve always had my eye on – I’ve owned a few things from them over the years including this striped top, and find that they are good for high quality basics. Around here, the weather has recently changed from on and off snowing, to a few brighter days, to those dull grey days you get a lot through spring – April Showers, I suppose! So I dug through Joules’ collection of coats and their range of wellies too to pick out a few favourites to help me do what their tagline says, “Outwit the weather!”
My mum has a yellow raincoat very similar to the one above which I’ve always been very jealous of, and my sister is always stealing it from her, so much so that I never get the chance to steal it off either them, I could really do with my own like this! I think I slightly prefer the navy one over the yellow, though the yellow pairs perfectly with the navy accessories. And have you seen those wellies?! They have bows! I’m partial to a good pair of wellies, especially if they’re something slightly more unusual (ie. my Wedge Wellies and Cowboy boot wellies!), and they’re always a necessity living where we do in the countryside, so why shouldn’t I dress them up a bit more?!
And why have I never owned a proper rainhat?! I hate rain more than most other things – if I ever have to walk anywhere when it’s raining and you happen to pass me on my way, you’re more than likely to hear me muttering and grumbling under my breath about the “stupid rain, getting me all wet, grumble grumble.” I did at one time very much advocate the wearing of granny rain hats (yes, I did use that search term to find some images!) – they keep your head very dry, relatively warm, and you’re not having to get an achy arm holding up an umbrella, what more do you want when it’s raining? Plus, not that it really matters to me, but they’re not like a proper hat that has to fit onto your head, so they don’t squash your hair and ruin it – as I said, I’m not one for “hairstyles” very much, but it does mean it’s securely tied onto your chin at all times. Anyway, enough of my granny rain hat rambles – basically what I’m saying is, I should probably upgrade to a proper rain hat, like above, at some point in time!
What are you wearing to outwit the rainy weather at the moment?
PS: It’s my five year blogaversary today, crazy!! Can you believe I’ve been doing this all that time?! I’d planned to have a giveaway or something special, but time got away with me, so I may just have to do that another time, but let’s celebrate anyway, woop!

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