70s Style Wishlist

house of fraser 70s maxi dress

I never thought I’d be doing this: a 70s style wishlist! While I’ve always been a big fan of the styles of the 50s with full skirts and nipped in waists, and also kind of loved the mini skirts and beehives of the 60s, the 70s have never really been my thing, until recently. I’ve always known I’m influenced hugely by advertising (show me a good advert on TV and I’ll run out to buy whatever it is, regardless of if I need it or not!), but I didn’t think I was swayed so much by current trends – apparently so! The 70s used to bring to mind scary flares and that awful brown floral carpet and wallpaper you come across in houses that are in dire need of updating, but now I’m starting to love all the denim (like my new fave flares, although double denim may be a step too far for me!), the floaty maxi dresses, massive platformed shoes and crochet tops. I was browsing the maxi dresses at House of Fraser when I spotted the first on my list (above) and realised that the things I was loving about it (floral print, relaxed maxi style and crochet) were all part of this new 70s trend, so thought I’d jump on the bandwagon with my own wishlist for it.
After spotting the denim dress below on Olivia at What Olivia Did, I was obsessed – it was sold out when I initially looked for it, but it’s back again and I can’t stop looking at it. So tempted, but also…moving house next week, bought a car…Must. Save. I’ve also had a little bit of love for crochet for a while, but the crochet crop top I got off eBay a few years ago looked ridiculous on me and went straight back onto eBay! This one could work though, although I find them confusing to wear – the knitted aspect feels wintery, the open weave and vest style is summery – what to do?! And finally, the ever popular cord mini skirt – regretting getting rid of my old one now.
What do you think of the 70s trend? A step too far in the retro direction or perfect hippy festival look for summer?

miss selfridge denim mini dress asos crochet top new look cord mini skirt


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