Competition: Valspar Paint

As you might know, we’re getting closer and closer to our house moving date – it’s set for the 1st April, so we’ll have plenty of time to get everything transported from our old house to the new over Easter weekend with the long weekend. Ben and I have been living in rented places together for more than 5 years now, including a flat at uni, a small cottage up near Richmond and our current house – each has got progressively larger and nicer, and now we’re finally making the leap into our own house. We’ve spent the last couple of months dealing with mortgages, contracts and estate agents, but we’ve finally exchanged, so we’re just waiting for the completion date now, eek!
In reality, it’s not a big change for us, since we’ve lived together already for quite a while now, so not a lot is changing aside from the fact that our money will be going towards a mortgage rather than the rent. But owning our own home means we get the opportunity to do whatever we like to it. In our rented places, the landlords have been fairly easygoing, so we could have painted walls etc. if we really wanted, but I was always a bit aware that we might mess something up and end up losing some of our deposit (especially since our current landlord works through an estate agents that are SUPER picky – we have to have inspections of how “clean and tidy” the house is every 2-3 months, eurgh). But finally, we’ll able to put our stamp on something!
So with the news that everything is finally going through on our house, I’m planning to do a bit of a moving house series, talking about all the different stages we’ve gone through such as mortgages and all the little things you might forget about or not realise you have to do. So to get started, I’m working with Valspar on a competition for you! See the picture above? That’s all done with Valspar paint: the Valpsar 3D House, showing what it might look like inside using just paint, and encouraging the public to start thinking outside the lines with their home decor. Valspar can produce paint in any shade the eye can see, that’s 2.2 million shades – so much choice! Apparently one in five of us are scared of using a bit of colour in our homes – I know I am a little, even though I have big plans in my head for our new house (especially my sewing room!), it’s going to take a bit of a leap of faith to actually get it done!
To enter, all you need to do is follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget – you need to do all 3 things to enter so please make sure you do otherwise I’m afraid your entry won’t be valid. There will be one lucky winner who will receive a prize worth over £100, good luck!
 2 x Valspar tester pots
5l Valspar Premium Walls & Ceilings
2.5l Valspar Primer and Undercoat
PS: Do not worry that your comment has disappeared below – all entries are still valid, and I have all the comments, I just unapproved them 🙂

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