Insta-lately #1

Instagram photos 1 big
McCalls Cape Sewing Pattern 3542 bought in charity shop for 50p (from 1973 and a couple of sizes too big, but don’t care!) | MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick | Collectif outfit (here on blog)

So I’ve called this Insta-lately #1, but if you’ve been around here a while, you’ll know that I don’t keep up with series very well on the blog – the only one I’ve managed to have keep any semblance of continuation on is my book posts. Even so, I technically try to do these monthly, but it usually ends up being when I’ve got to around 4 or 5 books and need to write about them before I forget!

I’ve always been a little bit slow on the social media front, despite the fact that I run loads of them for blogs and various people. I had my blog for about 2 years I think before I even bothered to give Twitter a second glance, and it took me quite a while to actually get into using it. I published blog posts on my personal Facebook for a long time before even thinking about setting up my own blog Facebook page, and I’m definitely still catching up with Likes on that (hence the linking, feel free to Like ;D). And I was the same with Instagram – I didn’t really bother with it because I’m not a big social media user on my phone. I’ve never had an iPhone or anything very near the quality of it because I just don’t use it enough to justify it – I prefer a bigger screen! But with my last phone, I decided I’d better jump on the bandwagon and get onto Instagram. So, I’m finally on it but always forget to use it now! I’m getting slowly better, but until recently I’d probably never had enough images to make up a blog post’s worth of photos without having to go months into the past.

So that’s another bandwagon I thought I’d now jump onto (finally and about 3 years after everyone else!), sharing the Instalove on my blog. The camera on my phone isn’t particularly good quality, but it’s definitely usable. I’d love to be able to have my Instagram all themed with pretty colour, everything looking beautifully white, pretty and faded with hints of blush and gorgeous lighting – but alas, it’s not to be! Instead, you’re going to get what you usually get on my blog – a look at my real life and what I’m doing, because in the end, isn’t that what this is really all about? So we’re jumping in here at sometime around the beginning of this year, and hopefully in future these posts will be slightly more frequent so less crazy image heavy! And make sure to follow me on Instagram here for, well, instant updates!

Instagram 2
Managed to find a local wholesale shop to cater to my every sewing need! | Drinking smoothies (not usually with a straw to be perfectly honest) | Same outfit from above, different view, with vintage gloves
Instagram 3
Lunch time: Korean cauliflower rice with prawns & belly pork | It was a Harry Potter kind of day | Started work on my Watson bra, immediately snapped my new (£6!) ruler
Instagram 4
Completed Watson bra (post on blog here) | Red sky in the morning… | Completed Simplicity 2444 Beach Houses dress (on blog here) on my new dress form (Maeve)
Instagram 5
Charlie exploring snow for the first time (she didn’t like it!) | Watson bra on a real person (me!) | Hollie, my parents’ cat (remember when she was a baby?!)
Instagram 6
Bumped into my parents kitchen shopping, of course my dad hid in the display larder! | Another completed Watson bra | Lunctime: Lime & Ginger Cheesecake from Thomas the Baker with my Kindle


Instagram 7
Sister selfie on the train to London | London Outfit 1: Collectif cardi and tee shirt with jeans | London Outfit 2: Collectif Dolores dress
Instagram 8
London Outfit 3: Collectif Dolores top (sensing a trend!) and jeans | Meal at Jamies (ate my food before I could photograph, as always!) | Breakfast at Pret


Instagram 9
Sister selfie with London Bridge (right next to our hotel) | Trying on the Laurie Corset at What Katie Did (please someone buy this for me!!) | Breakfast at All Bar One
instagram 10
Breakfast pancakes at All Bar One (I also had bacon which was, surprisingly, amazing with this!) | Back to work – Ripon Cathedral on my lunchbreak | “Retro” outfit (on the blog here)
Instagram 11
Reading The Deep by Nick Cutter (review here) | Wearing my What Katie Did Laurie corset (too small on the bust!) | Outfit over the corset, Collectif Dolores dress
Instagram 12
Jessica Rabbit dress | Pulled pork sandwich from Thomas the Baker (so yummy!) | Pearl collar dress
Instagram 13
Oh hey swollen wrist (I was chasing the cat on slippery decking – still a bit sore now!) | White chocolate ice cream at The Royal Oak in Ripon | Strawberry print Great British Sewing Bee shift dress
Instagram 14
Great British Sewing Bee Fashion With Fabric book & patterns and portrait lens – I had a bad day, my lens broke, but Ben turned up with this book (a week before it was published, oops Amazon!) and a borrowed lens for me 🙂 | WIP Great British Sewing Bee Walkaway dress (notice I missed out the centre darts, oops!) | Weekends are for corsets
Instagram 15
From this blog post, my favourite pin up & retro inspired blogs | Tea one evening – fishcake on rocket with poached egg | Spring is finally reaching Ripon!
Instagram 16
Cat anniversary – we’d had them for a whole year that day! | Completed Walkaway dress (although it turned out too big) | New menu at the Oak Tree in Helperby, rebranded as a steakhouse & grill (best food I’d had in ages! Again, no picture of the food because…I ate it)
Instagram 17
MAC Cinderella Collection Macroviolet fluid line | Wearing my “I Believe I Can Fly” tee from My Little Box | Fancy (clear-out-the-fridge) lunch: crispy bacon and asparagus on sour dough with caprese salad
Instagram 18
Got brave and ordered a Mocha Latte with hazelnut syrup at Costa (recommend!!) | Delivery from Orchard Corset! More coming soon…

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