Spring in my Step

yull chelsea shoes
Yull Chelsea Flower Shoes – £120

Okay okay, I know that’s an awful title, but come on! I was going to simply entitle it “Spring Shoes” and I guess that would have been a bit more SEO friendly, but then again, that’s boring so you ended up with this title! Spring isn’t really one of my favourite seasons – I much prefer summer when the weather’s at least slightly more reliable, or autumn where everything is such pretty colours. Spring though, you can’t tell when it’s going to start. Some years we’ve had awful springs where it’s rained pretty much every day and we didn’t get warm weather until about June; other years, it can be warm enough in late February or early March not to have to wear tights and coats to go outside.

This year so far, we haven’t managed to quite lose the tights yet, although I did go out today without a coat on, yay! Aside from not wearing tights and coats though, my favourite thing about Spring fashion-wise is being able to get out of boots and back into more dainty, pretty shoes. I’ve never been a big boots person – I do very much appreciate that they keep my feet warm, but I find them more difficult to wear especially since I’ve started wearing more knee length skirts and dresses so they tend to cut my legs off and make them look shorter, not a look I tend to go for!

I’ve actually just packed up a lot of my shoes to go to the new house – I’m moving quite slowly with the packing, but I put all my proper winter shoes and clothes away as well as the summer clothes and shoes, the things I know I definitely won’t be wearing over the next couple of weeks (unless we have a sudden snow storm or heatwave, fingers ever so slightly crossed for the latter!). In doing so, I came across several pairs of summery shoes and sandals that haven’t seen the light of day for a good 6 months and are desperate to come out of hiding. Then I started thinking about all the new shoes I could add to my collection for this spring and summer…then a wishlist started, so here we go! They’re pretty much all sandals, some a bit flowery and pastel coloured, and also some slightly 70s inspired (could go with my flares!).

jones bootmaker sandals
Jones Bootmaker Joanna Heeled Sandals – £79


dorothy perkins floral sandals
Dorothy Perkins Floral Block Heel Sandals – £15.20 (in the sale!)


clarks orla kiely
Clarks Orla Kiely Betty Shoes – £130
ASOS Homewood Sandals
ASOS Homewood Sandals – £35

What are you most looking forward in Spring? Any particular shoes you like the look of for spring and summer?

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