Man Style: Jacamo Cheans

Today is a really super exciting day (can I use more excited words, please?!) – we’ll be getting the keys for our new house!! It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this – we had a quick tour of the house back in November, which only lasted about 10 minutes as apparently the owners were due to put their children in bed at the time we were there, although the owners weren’t actually there :/ We put in our offer fairly quickly, then it took a good couple of weeks for the offers bouncing back and forth, plus a change to the way stamp duty is charged, for our offer to get accepted, so that was early December. And now, nearly 5 months after initially seeing the house, we’ll finally be getting the keys! I feel like I’ve completely forgotten what parts of it look like since they’re not in the viewing pictures and we had such a brief time to look around – some rooms we barely stuck our heads in, most of them we only looked at for 20-30 seconds before moving on. So one of the main things I’m excited about is the fact that we’ll be able to actually see the house again!
Anyway, since I’ve got such a crazy busy time going on over Easter with the moving, plus I’m not definite on what day we’ll actually end up moving in (the cats will apparently be last to go, so I’ll probably stay wherever they are!), and on top of that, our broadband doesn’t move till Tuesday, I thought I’d schedule in a few posts, just in case.
Ben occasionally likes to work his way onto the blog, as he did the other week in his man style post (I just came up with an awesome name I should have called them: Benstyle! Okay, maybe not…). As I’ve said before, Ben alternates between chinos and jeans – chinos for work as they’re slightly smarter, and jeans for evenings and weekends. So when I heard that Jacamo have created an awesome new product in response to customer feedback that combines the smart office feel with a dressed down look, I had to have a look. Presenting: the Cheans!

cheans jacamo

jacamo jeans chinos jacamo chino jeans

What do you think? Will you be buying them for your man soon?


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