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Spring pastels outfit Pink 60s skirt outfit
I feel like I’ve got a million things to tell you today! As you might have guessed, Easter weekend was our big move weekend – while I’ve got plenty of posts planned about the house move and all that, I thought I’d go for a quick outfit post today since I’ve got about 4 or 5 sets of photos ready to go. Quick house update though – we’re mostly moved into the new one, just waiting on a sofa delivery tonight (which we’ve just had a phone call about, and apparently they won’t be here till 9.30pm or maybe tomorrow?! Not sure how that works…). We’ve got some lovely new curtains up in the living room plus an amazing new tripod lamp (pictures to follow once the sofas are in!); our bedroom has our bed and my dressing table in, but no wardrobes as of yet since our last one (a very cheap IKEA one bought 2 house moves ago) fell apart when we attempted to move it; and most exciting of all, I’ve got my sewing room mostly complete! Of course, I still want to add in a lot more details, but it’s in a useable state with new shelves and a new desk – my previous sewing space consisted of a couple of boxes shoved in a corner and the kitchen table, so I’m super pleased to have my own space now!

Anyway, outfit time – this is pretty much just made up of all old pieces. I think I’d better link to a few places where I’ve worn the different pieces before, just to show how old and loved some of them are! My spring and summer clothes are very much like that, made up of old pieces that I love, brought out time and time again. The hat was from a vintage shop in Bakewell last summer, worn only once on the blog.
The jacket however is something I’ve worn over and over – I had a little obsession with pastels back in 2012 but I’ve also worn it more “chic” with jeans and it made a good workwear staple when I was teaching.
Now, I did feel a little scandalous in the skirt – it’s a lot shorter than I wear nowadays! I very rarely wear anything above knee length at the moment (just a matter of taste and what looks most flattering on me in my opinion, not because of modesty), so a mini skirt was a big change – I felt a bit like I was pulling it down all day at work! I did wear it pretty similarly to this last time though, in a 60s style outfit with Tesco.
I didn’t think I’d worn these shoes on the blog before, but a little search revealed I actually have done, back in 2011 – look at those for old outfit pics, crazy how long I’ve been doing this now!

Anyway, hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, and hope it wasn’t quite as strenuous as mine – moving house is harder work than you’d think, feel like I got a lot of exercise at least! Are you having awesome weather at the moment too? I’ve managed to do three days in a row at work with bare legs now – woop! Possibly a little premature, but I’m at least wearing cardigans and longer skirts, whereas I’ve seen some people out in vests and mini shorts – they must be freezing!

Hat: Vintage via Mister Bee (Bakewell) | Pink Jacket: Primark | White Bardot Top: ASOS | Floral Skirt: Clothing at Tesco | Brogues: New Look

60s Brogues Outfit 60s floral skirt outfit Pink spring outfit

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  1. October 25, 2015 / 10:55 pm

    I just had to tell you how cute your outfit is~!!!

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