Evening at the Races

hell bunny dress race day

A couple of years ago, I posted for Michelle on her blog while she was away getting married about an outfit I wore to the races (as it was an event themed post, see what we did there?!). Why am I telling you this? Because we went to the races again with work this year, woop! And I forced Laura into taking outfit photos for me, double woop!!
Last year we hadn’t managed to book tickets in time for the races, but this year we did (obvs), so it was very exciting to have another out of work event to go to. I took the evening off from Brownies and stuffed a couple of outfit changes into a bag, because as usual I hadn’t decided what to wear (think back to that Christmas party where I took…6 dresses :/). To be fair, I only took two full outfit changes this time, and one was the “in case it’s windy” option, and since it wasn’t, the full skirted poppy dress came out! I did debate over taking a coat, but managed just about alright in the end with just the cardigan. Okay, it was a little chilly, but there was a lot of running back and forth from the bar, to the race track, to the betting stand things (yep, forgotten what they’re called again!), so there wasn’t too much of a chance to get too cold!
You’ve seen the dress before, plus the cardigan (although I won’t link to the ten thousand times I’ve worn it!), but the shoes are new. It was my cousin Eva’s Christening the weekend before (photos of that outfit to come soon!), and Ben discovered that he couldn’t find his suit, so off to Matalan it was to get a new one. Of course, I had to have a look too, and obviously I needed some new wedges for summer (shush, I did!). Unsurprisingly, Ben found that lost suit within minutes of being home…The same can’t be said for my box of summer shoes that he chucked in the loft cupboard the other week which created a suspicious banging sound as several pairs tumbled into the roof cavity, possibly never to be seen again. As I said, new summer shoes were necessary.

Cardigan: Hell Bunny Paloma via Tiger Milly | Dress: Hell Bunny Cordelia via ModCloth | Wedges: Matalan

hell bunny poppy dress outfit

So how did I do at the races, I hear you ask…or not, that’s most probably not a burning question on your mind. Well, nevertheless, I shall answer it, since I want to boast about it. I won £36! So we were given £30 in total to bet (£5 per race) – first one I won nothing, second one I won £6 (so I was £1 up on my bet)…nothing until the 4th race then, when I suddenly won £30! I actually didn’t even realise until I spotted one of my colleagues looking at me waiting for me to realise my horse had won…and still didn’t get it until Laura actually started hitting me in excitement! Another colleague actually won £45 on that race (betting on the horse by accident too!), but even so, I was still very proud (?!) of my winnings. Although it was dampened a little later when another colleague did a similar thing by betting on the wrong horse in the last race and winning, wait for it, £110!! Anyway, last time I won not a single penny, so two wins this time weren’t half bad really!
Wow, I just realised it’s been a long time since my last outfit post – I haven’t really had a “personal life” post go up for a while either thanks to my Blogging & PR series (have you been enjoying it?!). I’m actually having to schedule this one in, which isn’t something I usually bother to do with outfit posts as I just do them as and when, but since I have an actual calendar created for the series, I’ve had to slot other posts around that (when I’ve had time), crazy!
Anything exciting been going on in your lives recently? Anyone else been to their local races?

hell bunny poppy dress

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