How to be fashionably ‘on’ time

ASOS flares

Is keeping up with fashion important to you? So much so that you carefully pick out your outfits each day to ensure you look ‘fashionable’, all the way from your fedora hat down to your strappy sandals? I’ve never really been one to keep up with the trends hugely, but I know I am taken in by them. I’ll go around saying I dislike crop tops, jumpsuits and flares, only to find that a week later I’ve bought a pair because I’ve been won over having seen one of my favourite bloggers wearing them so well.
Well, you may find that this is easier said than done. Fashion is constantly changing, so fast in fact it may feel that you need to buy a whole new wardrobe every other day to keep on top of it. Constantly disregarding perfectly good clothes because they just don’t cut it in the fashion stakes anymore.
Did you shake your fist at fashion when you bought baggy jeans only for skinny jeans to come into fashion? Do you find yourself wearing things that you swore you would not be seen dead in, just because it became fashionable?
Perhaps, you finally gave in and threw out those items of clothing from the 90s that you were hoping would come back in to fashion one day, only to find that they were actually back in the shops just days later. Or have shown off your brand new culottes to your mum to be told they were fashionable when she was young? I know I’ve regretted sending some of my old favourites off to charity before when I’ve found out that they’ve just come back in again. And I sometimes can’t believe it when my mum or grandmas tell me they had “something like that” when they were younger and wish they’d kept it for me now – hence why I hang onto clothes for so long!
Here’s how to keep on top of what’s going on:

The catwalk

Trends start on the catwalk, after that they are toned down and then translated onto shop rails and the media. What you see at fashion weeks aren’t often really what you’ll be wearing; instead inspiration will be taken from them.

debenhams dress

The high street

Keep an eye on the shops for trends, buyers will have an eye on the catwalk so they know exactly what’s hot and what’s not. Keeping up with fashion can be expensive, but high street shops that don’t break the bank always have very similar looking clothes that look just like the expensive designer styles! Remember that Debenhams dress I got in the sale a couple of years ago (pictured above)?!

With the fast paced world of fashion it is not easy to be ‘on’ time with it, however advancement in technology and the Internet along with the rise in social media, have all made it much easier. They allow us 24/7 instant access from absolutely anywhere to information, that will inform us what is happening in the world of fashion as it happens.

Fashion Magazines

Magazines are always on the ball when it comes to what is currently in fashion, but also what will be popular in the oncoming seasons.


Being in the public eye means celebrities – especially fashion models – will always be on-trend, if not way ahead of it! So keep an eye on what they are wearing, because if it is not currently in fashion, it sure will be soon! If Cara Delevingne is seen wearing those infamous Buffalo pink flame trainers one day, then dust yours off and get them on! You are bound to be a trendsetter within your group of friends when everyone starts to wear them again.

Fashion Blogs

These are fast becoming the go-to place for fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration. Let these fashion-lovers do the hard work for you, as they keep you up-to-date with tips and tricks of how to be and stay fashionable.

However, fashion goes far beyond clothing, and includes jewellery, shoes and even hairstyles. You know that choker necklace that you wore at school and thought that’s where it had been left?

Think again, they are back, adorning the necks of celebrities and fashion models filling the pages of magazines and gracing the racks in Topshop. If only you had known, when you threw it out with the rest of your childhood belongings? Accessories are however an easy and cheap way to stay on time with fashion. A statement necklace recently stocked in a store, for example, when paired with a simple outfit will bring it straight up-to-date.

If you are going to be ‘on’ time with fashion then don’t forget a watch! These time(less) pieces will not change each day with the rest of you wardrobe. So invest in one that you really like, from somewhere such as Tic Watches that have a variety of brands in all different designs and colours. Then if you can’t keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends, at least you will be on time for everything else!

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