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vintage dress with hell bunny cardigan

I was a little reluctant to say the other day that I was on a roll with posting at the moment, because inevitably the moment I do say it, I’ll disappear off the face of the earth for weeks, but let’s take the risk and say it now: I’m on a bit of a roll! This outfit, however, is actually from, well, weeks ago. I can tell you exactly when I wore it as it was for my goddaughter’s 1st birthday party. It definitely does have that 90s party dress feeling about it – you know, the kind you used to wear when you were 7 or 8, dressed up all fancy by your mum to go and play Musical Bumps and Pass the Parcel. I’m kind of wishing I could still go to those parties now! Although the Brownies’ Christmas party we do on their last evening before Christmas is pretty similar, plus I got given a chocolate lolly by one of the girls – win! To be fair, I’m probably in this vein because we’ve had jelly & ice cream as our #FatFriday at work today – it was awesome (pssst, give that Facebook page a like, go on!!).
Anyways, back to the outfit. This dress was among my haul in my 5 pieces of clothing for £15 at the Vintage Kilo Sale I stumbled across in Leeds. I was fully expecting it to be too small (especially since it buttons at the front – never a fan of those with my chest) or too big, but in reality, it’s a pretty good fit. It fits perfectly around the shoulders and bust, with a little room to spare on the waist, but fortunately it’s got a handy tie at the back which brings in the waist enough to give it a flattering fit, especially with the V style waistband – I love that style. Not that you can tell it’s a flattering fit though, thanks to all the creases you get from playing with a one year old for most of the day! The shoulders are a little pouffy, but that’s kind of awesome. It’s also got a gorgeous scalloped neckline – just another detail that makes it interesting. It’s labelled “Blue Rinse” which I believe is a vintage shop in Leeds where they refashion old items into new ones, so I think this dress once had a longer hem (probably midi length) and has been shortened to bring it up to a more modern standard. Basically, I love it and have already worn it several times.
And you finally get to see the Mel flats I keep mentioning! These were bought on the same day in Leeds and I’m obsessed with wearing them. They’re really comfortable, go with pretty much everything (at least I think they do) and are slightly unusual, as well as being waterproof since they’re jelly. Oh and they smell of bubblegum as most Mel products do, like my 3 strap heels, so yep, obsessed.
(Oh and of course, I managed to close my eyes or pull crazy faces in every one of these pics, you’ve got the best of a bad bunch!).

blue rinse dress
blue rinse vintage dress back view

mel heart flatsGreen Cardigan: Hell Bunny Paloma via Tiger Milly | Dress: Vintage | Flats: Mel Heart Flats via Office

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about going to the races? There are so many things around on blogs, magazines and news sites now about what to wear to the races, how to dress for the races, how to win at the races – I’m getting slightly tempted to book some tickets to another local one! I was talking to Ben about it as he used to go with his old work to some races, but we’ve never actually been together. He’s not really bothered about it, but I’m going to say that’s probably because he doesn’t get to wear a nice dress and has never won anything, whereas I won a bit when I went to Aintree a few years ago (can’t believe that’s so long ago now!) and a bit more a couple of weeks ago with work, so I think he’s jealous.
Anyway, I actually bought a dress which would have been perfect for the races the other day, but I’m thinking now I might save it for my Christmas party as it’s a bit more autumn/wintery than summery. I don’t want to ruin the surprise in case I do save it for then, but it’s from a US pin up style clothing site and pretty expensive – but I managed to get one a lot lot cheaper on a Facebook swap page. The seller shipped it immediately, and even coming from the US, it arrived within 3 days of agreeing the sale – seriously impressed by that, it takes longer to get things within the UK sometimes!!
Anyone got any plans for the weekend? Ben’s off tomorrow – he usually works Saturdays – so we’re planning to get some food shopping done (exciting stuff, I know), pick up his new car (…I know), and probably tidy the house! Our new furniture I’ve been banging on about for ages arrived this morning, so we’ll be unpacking that tonight and getting it all in place – I’m ridiculously excited! Although very disappointed with the delivery as Wren have a competition to win cash on if you share a snap of their newly designed vans, so I waited eagerly in the window with my phone, only for it to turn up in a white van…sad times!
Oh and final thing – I was quoted in the Daily Star this week, crazy! Amazingly, they quoted me as a stylish, it was kind of awesome.

vintage dress close up vintage dress with hell bunny cardigan vintage dress

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