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I haven’t done a wishlist for a while, even though I said I would try and do more since I’ve always got virtual baskets and Saved Items lists filled to the brim with bits and pieces I’d love to buy but haven’t quite made the commitment to yet. Back in the olden days, before I used to blog, I was addicted to two websites: (never made it onto that top page!) and Polyvore, the latter being where I spent the majority of my interwebs time for a long time creating sets filled with outfits I’d love to own and wear. When I started the blog though, that fell to the wayside a little.
So, when I recently starting using Lyst I was intrigued . It’s a bit like a more grown up version of Polyvore. Basically you surf through hundreds (thousands?!) of different clothing options from all your favourite brands and pick out the things that you like to add to your own lists. So I got started straight away, and here’s my first Lyst – can you guess the theme?! (Answers on a postcard please…or just scroll down!)
disney lyst
You title each of your Lysts with a different name – there were already some in place, but the ones related to “partying” didn’t really appeal to me, so I got rid of those and started created my own. First up: Summer Wishes – any guesses on the theme now? There’s a hint in that title, especially if you’re as obsessed as I am….yep, it’s Disney themed!! Specifically, Disney park themed. While we’ve only actually visited Disney in summer once (never again…the storms closed rides on a daily basis!), creating a holiday or summery wishlists immediately screams Disney at me since that’s what I think of when I buy hot weather clothes.
So after signing up to Lyst, the site flashed up a number of different brands at me from designer to high street, asking whether I liked them or not. With an idea of what kind of things I liked and was looking for, I then headed into the depths of the pages to start my own Lysts. I immediately started clicking to add things I liked (which was super simple, just a click of a button then choose which Lyst it goes into), then realised I had no rhyme or reason, so made that Lyst into a Wish Lyst Wardrobe and decided to focus.
With a Disney theme in mind, I first picked out one of the most important things you need when on a sunny holiday: a pair of sunglasses. Of course, I couldn’t choose between the two Burberry pairs, so went for both and decided I would go for two outfits, one for each pair – one more sensible with (Mickey Mouse red) shorts to be worn on rides and a slouchy vest top (Mickey themed of course). Then the other outfit is focused on a little known practice called “Disney Bounding” – basically, it’s dressing up like in a Disney character theme, but not going all out costumey. Can you guess the character here?? It may be a little misleading, but works, I promise! I also picked out a pair of sensible flats for walking around the park (I swear, you never do more walking than you do in a Disney park!) and a cool rucksack to keep everything together. To be honest, I would have added a cardigan too for air conditioned queue areas and shops, but it didn’t fit my theme and look pretty, so that went out the window!

So basically, I had too much fun creating Lysts and may be a little addicted (especially to making Disney ones…) now. Have you tried out Lyst before?


    • Sian Thomas
      June 19, 2015 / 11:34 am

      I know, it’s fab isn’t it?! Think I need it too 🙂 xx

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