A Moment in Time

mount st helens
Family at Mount St Helens

It’s a bit strange nowadays that we don’t tend to have “hard copies” of our photos around the house. With them all loaded into our computers and the majority of us keeping them in The Cloud (that magical mystical place where photos float above our heads…or at least I imagine so), they might be a little safer from deterioration and all that, but even so, it’s still odd not to have all our photos out in real albums like we did when I was little. Although to be honest, can you imagine how many photo albums we personal style bloggers would fill, especially since not all of us delete our outtakes?!
I read this article recently that features tweets showing the best moments of people’s lives, and thinking about it, I have hundreds, thousands, possibly even tens of thousands of photos stored in hard drives, external drives, in that magical cloud that are filled with photos from throughout my life. I’m really considering getting a few of these made into a photo album from Photobox so that we do have those “old fashioned” hard copies around somewhere, as I’m always a little bit terrified of things somehow getting deleted or corrupted.
So here are some of my “Moment in Time” pictures – all the ones on that article seemed to surround births, deaths and marriages, but while I don’t have any of those, I do still have lots of photos that I would consider to be special moments in time for me and my life so far.

Mud pools in Turkey!
British School at Athens - Sphakteria
British School at Athens – Sphakteria
British School at Athens
I had to include two from Greece, just because!
puyallup fair
Beth and I at Puyallup Fair
book club
Book Club (in onesies!) with the girls

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