Bows and Anchors

forever 21 dress with hell bunny bolero
forever 21 dress with hell bunny bolero

Well, there aren’t quite any anchors in this post, but the bolero definitely has that nautical feel about it, doesn’t it? And to be honest, I was convinced this dress had anchors on it too until I looked more closely at the pictures and realised they were bows, duh.
But wow, it’s been a crazy week! I’d intended to have this post up on Monday evening, and I’ve actually had the pictures taken for more than a fortnight, and had them edited and loaded into this post for at least a week, but certain circumstances prevented me from getting the post finished. Those circumstances being broken internet and a staircase. Yes of course, I couldn’t let a couple of months go by without injuring myself, could I?! So on Monday morning, while still half asleep, I managed to trip over myself (I did consider lying and telling you I’d tripped over something, I don’t know, like a cat or other random object, but I had to tell the truth and I believe it was simply my own foot I tripped over) and went flying down the stairs. I wasn’t even in a rush or anything, in fact at that point I was still early for work. So while I sat there in shock for a few moments, I was joined by one of the cats, then realised I should probably get some ice on the knee that was swelling up but didn’t have a huge amount of pain – turns out that’s because of a scar from yet another incident (when I was about 10) when I sliced through the skin on my knee on one of those carpet attacher thingies, and since have no feeling in the surface of that knee. It wasn’t until later that I realised I had actually quite badly hurt it! So I spent the day working at home with an ice pack, yep. At least that was until around 2pm when our internet and phone line just randomly went down and didn’t come back until the next morning – that was fun. It’s a strange strange world without internet, I tell you – I didn’t know what to do for a while! Now all I’m left with of both incidents are some lovely bruises on my legs and pains throughout my whole body – turns out that you don’t bounce back after these things quite so easily when you’re in your mid twenties as opposed to childhood/teenage years!

forever 21 dress with hell bunny bolero
forever 21 dress with hell bunny bolero
Bolero: Hell Bunny via Bowler Vintage | Dress: Forever 21 | Sandals: F&F

So anyway, I’m finally managing to get the post up! The outfit isn’t terribly exciting, made up of pieces you’ve seen the before (the cardigan/bolero here, the dress here and the sandals multiple times, but here’s one example). I was really quite wary of wearing this dress as it’s much shorter than pretty much anything I wear any more. I tend to stick to knee length or longer, and anything above knees is only just there and worn with tights usually, so it was a bit of a shock to the system!
These pictures were taken just after I’d had my hair cut recently, but just before I dyed it. I definitely prefer the more natural colour here to the red I turned it, but it’s currently faded to a lighter shade of pinky red which isn’t too bad – at least it’s interesting! What colour shall I go next though?!
 forever 21 dress with hell bunny bolero

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