Fire Hair

White off shoulder top with pyjama trousers

That mass of stuff on my head – you see it, the red, blonde, orange and slightly brown stuff? Yep, that shall henceforth be known as firehead, as that’s what it currently most closely resembles. Although not quite in the “cool” way that find on Pinterest, more the “Woops! I forgot my hair hates hair dye and won’t take it in certain places!” kind. Ah well, it’s already on its way out. As I said, my hair hates hair dye, takes almost double the amount of time you should leave it on for, and will even allow “permanent” dye to wash out within a matter of weeks – 2 usually. So I’m not stuff with a patchy mess forever at least.
However, let’s focus on other things, such as the cut of said hair. That, fortunately, was successful, thanks to an actual hairdresser (as opposed to Ben and me in the bathroom with a box of dye!). It’s back to its short length that I had just before Christmas, and had managed to grow a good 4 inches since then, so my head is feeling significantly lighter right thanks to that! I did actually take pictures in an outfit before the hair dye disaster, but haven’t got round to getting those uploaded yet, so evidence of new hair before dying will be around soon.
Aside from that, notice anything else different? Yep, the glasses are out again! Of course, I managed to forget to order new contact lenses again, and have probably worn my current pair a little too long (don’t follow my example, kids!), so I’m giving my eyes a bit of a rest with glasses. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of these ones – I’ve had a few different pairs of glasses since I started wearing them when I was about 16, mostly square and skinny pairs, so these are my favourite so far. Despite people telling me I suit them, I just generally don’t agree! I’ve been looking at Optical Express recently though for a new pair since I do like to give my eyes a break from contact lenses at least once a week. I really need to get some prescription sunglasses soon though as I’ve found I’m wearing glasses less during summer since my eyes just don’t deal well with sunny days without sunglasses – seriously, as Ben would love to tell you, I’m the girl who wears sunglasses when it’s overcast and raining because I’m squinting otherwise!

White off shoulder top with pyjama trousers

White off shoulder top with pyjama trousers
(Don’t even know what’s going on with my face in that picture!)
Top: ASOS | Trousers: F&F | Sandals: New Look

So this isn’t my favourite outfit ever (I’m all on the self-deprecation train today, aren’t I?!). I do love these trousers as they’re super comfortable – they’re basically pyjamas – and I love the top and shoes, but altogether? The outfit doesn’t seem so flattering. Ah well, it’s comfortable and a real outfit that I wore to work, so you’re seeing it now! I think it makes all the difference to see outfits that aren’t the most flattering or ground breaking, but are real, especially on a blog like mine that’s all about my real life.
Unfortunately I’ve had a slight disagreement with these shoes and they’re now relegated to “sitting only” days. Last summer I wore them all the time (see here for an example, although they’re not actually on my feet there so I’m not explaining this well…); I was quite happy in them, they were comfortable enough to walk into town in. But this summer – nope. My feet just disagree. First they swelled up while I was sat at my desk (remember the Kim Kardashian sandals when she was pregnant – yep, that, except in my case not pregnant, just bad circulation!), then I walked just across the river for lunch (less than half of the walk up to town), and by the time I’d returned, my feet were covered in blisters. So basically, not happy with these shoes or my feet at the moment!

White off shoulder top with pyjama trousers
White off shoulder top with pyjama trousers


  1. July 8, 2015 / 10:46 pm

    love the trousers, you look great!

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