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Tweens are an unknown species that many of us cower away from when in the chocolate aisle in the supermarket, as they giggle and spend their pocket money on bags of sweets for a sleepover they’re having later. They are children but they are also teenagers and everything in between, and come with all the attitude and innocence of both. They are transitioning from Barbies and One Direction into the world of make up and fashion – and realising that boys actually don’t have cooties.
So when it comes to actually buying things for tween girls to wear, you might be feeling a little lost. What on earth do they want?

Well, you can’t go wrong with something that is considered ‘kind of’ designer. Kids want to fit in so picking up a pair of Paul Frank pyjamas for their next sleepover at LamaLoLi or a pair of Converse on sale in Sports Direct, will always make them happy.
Tween girls are always looking at what older girls are wearing and attempting to replicate their style. Skip the shorter skirts and crop tops though and allow them to wear similar jewellery or bags that the actual teenagers are carrying around.
The 90s trend is back (again) and in full swing so a colourful choker necklace and large hair scrunchies should help them feel a little grown up without you worrying about dress length. A small stylish backpack, which lets them carry their purse and lip gloss around too, will also go down well.
Imagine you are a tween girl for a moment. You are starting to develop an opinion on things (usually a negative one), you dislike anything you don’t consider cool, which will probably include being seen out with your parents and taking a packed lunch to school and you want to create an image for yourself.
Parents, stay up to date with what your tween girl is getting up to on social media, take interest in their day and listen to them if they do decide to share information with you. It will help when it comes picking up accessories for them.
New Look is a great destination when it comes to locating must have accessories (and they even have a dedicated section for teens). The high street store is affordable and usually features the most up to date costume jewellery and accessory pieces that tweens are after.
A sweet charm bracelet set, some fun socks and a floral headband will all go down well with a tween girl. Remember, they are still essentially children, anything new will excite them and while they might not act like it’s amazing when they receive it they will definitely be wearing it later and showing it off to their friends.

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