#LunchBreakHoliday travel supermarket
Recently, Laura and I have been attempting to make the most of our lunch breaks – to be honest, we’re not very good at this, often forgetting to take the whole hour or having busy stuff to get on with so going back to our computers early. We have managed a few days of going for walks and spending time by the river and canal, and every so often I’ve managed to get out in the sun and read my book. So we decided to plan a picnic, along with the help of TravelSupermarket and their #LunchBreakHoliday campaign!
Unfortunately though, the weather took a turn against us as it so often does in North Yorkshire, and what started as a fairly sunny morning turned into a cloudy mid morning, and a rainy lunchbreak. Nevertheless, we persevered on with our aforementioned planned picnic and headed off up to Sainsburys to get our picnic foods.

#LunchBreakHoliday travel supermarket #LunchBreakHoliday travel supermarket #LunchBreakHoliday travel supermarket #LunchBreakHoliday travel supermarket
We were provided with an array of picnic things to help us out, including a waterproff picnic blanket (now that came in handy!), mini lunchboxes (which I filled with nectarines and promptly forgot about – there were scones and other yummy picnic foods, okay?!), frisbees, beach balls and gift cards for us to stock up on food from Pret a Manger. Unfortunately we don’t have one anywhere close to us (at all!), so we headed to Sainsburys instead, and I’d also prepared with some homemade scones and (mother-made) coleslaw. The scones are a little exciting actually, being a mix that my dad’s currently testing out, so you might hear more about those soon, eek! We feasted on everything from goats cheese tarts from the deli to a selection of picnic snacks including parma ham, crisps, houmous and prawn cocktail.
Thanks to the rain, we sheltered under an umbrella for much of the picnic, but it still didn’t dampen our spirits, neither did the funny looks from locals – picnics aren’t really the done thing around small North Yorkshire towns (although technically, Ripon is a city – a teeny tiny one at that though!). We did manage to make one friend though during our picnic:

#LunchBreakHoliday travel supermarket#LunchBreakHoliday travel supermarket

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