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Got a little weekend outfit for you, and managed to force my sister into taking pictures for me, yay! In fact, she wasn’t just forced, it was payback as I’d just arrived at their house only to have her pour water all over my feet with a watering can, soaking my shoes through – she said it was an accident, but at least I still got a photographer out of it!
We’d actually seen the family the day before as they came over to our house to go out for a meal at a local pub, but Ben and my dad decided they wanted a BBQ the next day too, so off we went to their house on the Sunday for that. Normally our BBQs consist mostly of sausage, burgers and chicken, but I took my own piece of salmon (as I’m not a big meat eater anyway, unless it’s steak, then always the steak) and I made up a stuffed mushroom concoction using various different types of leftover cheese mixed with mascarpone which actually worked out really well!
I actually only wore this outfit for the evening as I’d been wearing what was basically pajamas all day (let’s say it was “lounge wear” – sounds fancier, but in reality, it was just pajamas). I spent the whole day sewing, and the day before too, but I finished my project that day so I was really happy! In fact, I finished two awesome projects at the end of last week that I’m really really pleased with. I have one all photographed and ready to share on the blog soon, and both have featured on my Instagram already if you want a sneak peek!

denim skirt pin up outfit collectif bee with lavender denim skirt pin up outfit

Top: Collectif via Bowler Vintage| Denim Mini Skirt: New Look | Wedges: Matalan

This top is getting plenty of wear at the moment – it’s a perfect warm weather (but not too hot) summer basic, being lightweight and work appropriate, but still in a kind of pin up style. This is my typical outfit for the top, but it’s also been worn with this denim mini, a couple of full skirts and just plain and simple with jeans too. The skirt though is actually slightly old now, despite me thinking of it as new! I think this is the first time I wore it on the blog, but I’d had it a couple of months even then, so it’s at least 2 and a half years old, if not more. I do own another denim skirt, the longer pencil type one (which I wore here), but annoyingly that one is slightly too big (despite it being from the same shop and being the same size as this one which is verging on being too tight!), so I decided to buy another longer length the other day as it’s really useful to have a smart/casual denim pencil skirt (or at least I find!), and got this one from Forever21. It only arrived yesterday and it’s kind of awesome, although again, a little on the tight side around the hips, but I’m either going to have it far too big on the waist or a little too tight on the hips, so tight on the hips it is.
I’ve got an exciting weekend coming up that I’m looking forward to. Beth and I are going down to London on Saturday to see the American Idiot musical – she’s Green Day obsessed and already seen it, but wants me to see it too! I’ve insisted that since I’m going down there, I have to visit the Lush Oxford Street shop, so I’ve got a list prepped for that and am far too excited to see and smell everything! We’re only going down for the day, but it will be a long one – getting the train at 8am to get down there in time and arriving back at gone 10pm, but it’ll be fun. I’ve got plans for friends to come over on Sunday for the day with plans to watch films, bake and just generally do fun stuff. Then Ben and I have taken Monday and Tuesday off work – we’ve got his sister coming to live with us for a little while as she’s just got a new job in their area but hasn’t got anywhere to live yet, so is moving in early in the week. And on Tuesday we’re planning to go to a local country show which I used to love going to when I was younger but with work, I haven’t had a chance to go in a few years, so I’m really looking forward to that. I had planned to enter some sewing, but I couldn’t figure out how to do so and when I finally did figure it out (the website is impossible to navigate!) I was verging on being too late, so didn’t bother, but maybe another year.

collectif striped top outfit denim skirt pin up outfit

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