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I’m not normally one for looking forward to payday simply because it means I’ll have more money to spend soon since I usually try to save as much as possible of my income rather than spending it, but this month, I’m managed to grow a rather large list of bits and pieces that I’m seriously loving at the moment. One problem though, I’m still trying to stick that old budget thing and over the weekend I managed to spend a rather considerable chunk of money in the Lush Oxford Street store (more to come on that soon!) as well as a little (…or large) order from and a couple of summery things for my holiday in September from . So for the meantime, this Payday Wishlist will just have to stay as a wishlist made of dream items.

romwe leaves skirt

This skirt was one I was seriously tempted to buy during my Romwe shop, but as I was going for summery pieces (since I’ve got rid of the majority of them for being too short) and this was more autumnal in my eyes, this one got left behind, boohoo!

minnie swimsuit
002: Lepel Minnie Halter Swimsuit via House of Fraser

I don’t need another swimsuit as I tend to wear bikinis more, plus I’ve just made myself an awesome swimsuit (can you tell I’m still proud of it?!), but with my holiday coming up, I’ve been trawling all the swimsuits of the internet and this pin up style polka dot one is just oh so perfect, plus it’s available in a cup size that would fit me, #swoon.

dolores collectif atomic top
003: Collectif Dolores Atomic Flamingo Print Top

It wouldn’t be a wishlist without at least one thing from Collectif. And I’m in serious need of new tops. I’ve already got the navy polka dot version of this so I know I love the fit and style, but this one’s a bit more funky and unusual.

mel black flats
004: Mel Black Heart Flats via Shoetique

Another thing I already have that I want another version of – the white Mel flats with red hearts barely ever leave my feet at the moment and thus are almost completely ruined already. I’m always in need of a good pair of black flats, so what better than these?!

bambi cushion
005: Bambi Cushion via Love the Sign

The sewing room is still, as ever, a work in progress. This weekend we’re going to collect an IKEA Day Bed that someone’s selling on a Facebook group for the room. I was wanting something sofa like for there so that Ben can sit with me when I’m sewing (as sometimes I’m up there for whole days at a time if I get the chance!) and we thought it might be more sensible to get something that doubled up as an extra bed. We almost went for a sofa bed, but I love the look of day beds. We were literally about to go out and buy one from IKEA when I saw this one for sale on Facebook so I jumped on it. Now I just need cushions (and lots of them!) to pretty it up. I want my sewing room to be the room in the house that’s fun and full of colour, so I want colourful cushions everywhere!

ikea button rug
006: IKEA Button Rug

If I need anything for my sewing room, it’s this: a button rug!! Seriously. And I have an IKEA voucher too. #Sorrynotsorry

walt disney print
007: Walt Disney Quote via Paper Bound Love Etsy

Still on the sewing room here, I already have the Walt Disney “Vision” print in the living room and am planning to get the “Heritage” one to match (on the other side of the fireplace) at some point. And I have a giant Steamboat Willie one ready to go up on the wall in my sewing room. But I also want several smaller prints for an eventual shelf in there too, so I need a Walt Disney one, of course.

miss matabi fabric
008: Miss Matabi Yellow Dandelion Fabric via Etsy

I definitely don’t need more fabric, as I’ve got several pieces to get through already, but I love looking at fabric. I’m also getting rid of some extra pieces I had (sold through Facebook again, woop!), so technically I’m going to be a lot lower on fabric soon. And this is beautiful.

Kerbside Violet perfume
009: Kerbside Violet Perfume via Lush

Another thing I definitely don’t need more of right now is Lush stuff, but oh my goodness, I need more! I had no idea how addictive Lush is! Stay tuned for the full list of things I bought, but suffice to say, I was reluctant to put this back so that I could buy other things. Next time…


  1. Emma
    August 2, 2015 / 8:07 pm

    Sian, you may hate or love me for saying this (it really could go one of two ways…) but re: the collective top: you know they’re having their 50% off everything sale atm don’t you? I bought the Fairy dress in that flamingo print and can’t wait for it to arrive! Also: LOVE that leafy skirt, stunning! 🙂

    • Sian Thomas
      August 3, 2015 / 1:05 pm

      Eek!! I was keeping an eye out as I knew it was coming up but completely forgot to look over the weekend – I may have now put in a sneaky order, including that dress too! I think I may love you this time for this 😀

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