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barry m daylight curing nails peach for the stars

So I did a silly thing when we moved house: I lost all my nail varnish. I don’t paint my nails that often, mostly because they chip off within literally hours of drying. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever gone 24 hours without chipping at least one nail, usually more. And then I’m lazy so I don’t bother to take it off and I’m left with horribly chipped nails for weeks at a time. Although to be fair, it does stick around better on my toes and I like to paint those in summer so my feet look pretty in sandals (also because I have a massive bruise on one of my nails…#overshare, no one needed to know that!).
Anyway, as I was saying, I tend to lose things a lot. But I keep all my nail varnish, plus nail varnish remover, cotton pads for removing and other such nail accessories in one big wash bag type thing. Not so easy to lose one would think, but then again, this is me. I kept hoping it would turn up in time, but no, 3 months later and I was still searching for it. It had reached summer, and while it wasn’t quite summer weather a few weeks ago, I was already into my sandals and feeling like my nails needing painting. Only one thing for it, I had to buy some nail varnish! So passing through Tesco on one of our weekly shops, I diverted into the beauty section (much to Ben’s dismay) and discovered this new range of Barry M nail polishes. As I said, nail polish does not stick around on my nails, so I’m constantly searching for one that will. This looked promising though, with claims that it’s like the gel nails without the UV light (which I still want to try though!), so I grabbed the first colour I liked: Peach for the Stars.

barry m daylight curing nails peach for the stars barry m daylight curing nails peach for the stars

The idea of this nail varnish seems to be that it acts and looks like a gel nail but cures simply in the daylight. As such, you need to use this with the Sunset Daylight Curing topcoat in order for it to work properly. I applied two layers of the colour first, as recommended on the label, then the topcoat layer. I found at this point it felt kind of drying and cooling on the nail, a bit like when you use alcohol hand sanitizer if that makes sense! It dried super quickly though and had a resin like finish that was really shiny. I did find when putting on the colour that it was slightly streaky, but you know, that could just be me. I let it cure in the actual sunlight too, so that was fun!
Unfortunately, it still didn’t last that long on me and chipped within a day of wearing it, despite it drying and hardening quickly. To be fair, I was doing some fairly hard work on it (I was sewing and cutting steel boning for said sewing), but even so, the chips amassed quickly even when I wasn’t sewing. Again, probably just me as I have useless nails. My sister actually tried it out too and it’s lasted well on her nails though. I will definitely be using it again though as I love the colour, the finish and the feel of it.
Have you tried Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing nails?

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