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vintage floral dress with new look sandals vintage floral dress with new look sandals
First things first, isn’t this dress gorgeous?! Ben hates it – I think he thinks I look slightly deranged in it and my mum isn’t so keen either, but she admitted that’s because she remembers this style being popular back in the 80s and 90s. But I love it. I love the length, the print, the buttons down the front, the V shaped waistline, the cross back and the pockets. Seriously, what more could you want in a dress?! This is another of the dresses I got from the Vintage Kilo Sale in Leeds (which I’ve talked about here and here) and so technically only cost me £3 – I’ve definitely already got my wear out of it, having worn it twice to work, on about 3 lazy weekends and out for a meal with the family last night (ie. “this outfit”, if a dress and a shoes can be called that by themselves!). For something I’d picked up with a plan just to use the fabric, it’s definitely worth it! It’s one of those things which is super easy to thrown and is really light and breezy to wear in this (crazy!) heatwave we’ve suddenly been blessed with (honestly, I’m not being sarcastic there, I’m more than happy about it!). Unfortunately, its previous owner appears to have worn it despite it being a little too small for her – the elastic panel below the cross back is completely stretched out, the buttons are a little loose (but they can be easily fixed), and the sleeves have keyholes fastened with a button that have at some point been torn open (and are thus fraying) to make more room. Then again, these things don’t make it unwearable and…£3…
As I said, I wore this out for a family meal last night. A couple of my relatives who live down South had come to visit, so we met up with them, my parents and sister and went to a local pub. It was a lovely evening, made even better by this gorgeous weather and plenty of food. Ben did ask me whether I was really planning to wear this to that pub, as it’s not exactly the type of place people go in vintage dresses. My answer was, yes, of course, why wouldn’t I?!

vintage floral dress with new look sandals vintage floral dress with cross back
Unfortunately though, I slightly destroyed my feet with these shoes. I got them last summer from New Look and wore them multiple times to work, but apparently yesterday’s heat plus these shoes disagreed with my feet so they swelled up ridiculously then started rubbing across the toes – way to go, circulation! In fact, I actually had to swap to a pair of grubby old flats to go out because they’d gone from being loose to far too tight round the ankles. It’s a bit of an issue right now, my summer shoe situation – all I seem to have are a couple of pairs of grubby old ballet flats that I’ve also worn throughout winter plus these sandals which apparently I’ve had since 2012 and have been my go to sunny weather shoes. The latter are almost completely falling apart now, but you know when you’ve got a comfy and reliable pair of shoes you don’t want to get rid of? Yep, those. I haven’t actually bought any new clothes in ages recently, mostly because of house, furniture etc. as I keep moaning on about (although to be honest, I’m very much enjoying choosing and purchasing furniture – so much fun!), but also because Ben’s bought a new car this week, so more saving is happening! His old one was very rapidly approaching 100,000 miles, at which point apparently its value halves, so we thought we’d better get rid of it now while it’s worth something. He’s very pleased with his new one though, and it is a very “grown up” car, but even so, it’s meaning more savings over here. As I was saying though, I really do need to get some new summer shoes, so that might be my next actual clothing/shoe purchase – I’m thinking either ASOS or F&F as they’ve got a few nice ones in right now, but I just can’t make my mind up or find anything that’s similar enough to my old favourites #firstworldproblems!
Anyway, I’m getting my hair cut again tomorrow – it’s grown about 4 inches since I had it done at Christmas, so is now quite a bit below my shoulders and it’s starting to bother me, so I’m going back to short again I think, maybe even shorter this time, eek! I’m not having it dyed this time, but I am considering doing it at some point soon. I was thinking of the old pink dip dye, but not sure…I’m also slightly tempted by an all over rose gold or ombre rose gold, but again, not sure! Or even very red…who knows, I’ll just decide on a whim to do something as usual I’d imagine!
vintage floral dress with new look sandals vintage floral dress vintage floral dress with new look sandals



  1. Emma
    July 3, 2015 / 6:00 pm

    Hi Sian! I think this dress looks great on you – the top part looks like it fits really well. I must confess I’m not a huge fan of the actual dress myself – I’m way more open to vintage now than I used to be and have bought a few bits but I kind of think the whole point with vintage is that you have an immediate reaction to it – either you love it or you don’t, and reckon therein lies the beauty – it’s finding the perfect piece for you that makes it fun and rewarding!

    I think the best thing is seeing something you love and knowing it’s a special rare piece that has it’s own history and story – so it’s supercool that you’re loving this dress despite others not!

    • Sian Thomas
      July 7, 2015 / 3:56 pm

      Definitely agree on the vintage thing – you know immediately whether you love or hate something! It was the fabric in this that drew me to it, but in the end I loved the shape too but completely appreciate it’s not for everyone!

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