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Lush Oxford Street haul

I didn’t used to be a big fan of Lush, or actually bath and body products in general. I would occasionally find something I liked the smell of and use that, but otherwise it was whatever products were on offer in the supermarket – not that I don’t still just do that by the way, I just include others too now! I used to wander into Lush occasionally, maybe sniff a couple of things here and there and poke the jelly-like shower gel (we all do it!), but I wasn’t bothered by it. I’d received gifts from there over the years, some of which I really liked, some of which apparently I didn’t at the time (as evidenced by the bag of bath bombs I was presented by my mum from the back of her cupboard the other week!).
BUT last year I wandered into a Lush store and decided to buy a bath bomb, since I’m a big fan of baths (plenty of time for reading obvs). And I was converted. I’m pretty certain that bath bomb was one featured in this haul, but afterwards I went back to buy 3 more bath bombs.
So when my sister declared that I was going down to London with her to watch American Idiot the Musical (which was actually pretty awesome by the way, but don’t tell her I said that), I decided that my part of the trip would include a visit to the Oxford Street store that I’d started hearing about across the blogosphere, with exclusive products, a spa downstairs and an area dedicated to playing with “Fun”.
And I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest (apart from the fact that I couldn’t find the candles, but even so). I headed there with a list of several products I wanted to see and try out, and I found every one of them easily except one bath bomb. I’d decided I was definitely going to be buying several things, but I left a few spaces open so I could buy anything else I happened across and loved.
I’m planning to do other posts with reviews of the items as I use them, but I thought I’d list them all here with a short description as I loved reading these types of posts from others while I was deciding which to add to my list.

The Experiment bath bomb lush

The Experimenter Bath Bomb – £3.75

This was first up on my list, mostly because of the hype around it by other bloggers. It’s an Oxford Street exclusive product with a beautiful shape and pretty colours – of course everyone’s going to be attracted to it on sight! I wouldn’t say the scent of the bath bomb itself was particularly intriguing to me – it was just ‘alright’. I think the problem was that there isn’t a clearly defined scent to it for me, being a bit of a mixture of a few being earthy but also sweet. But having seen the videos of the gorgeous swirling artwork that it turns your bath water to, this had to come home with me. I’ve actually used this one already, but will save that for a full review!

Yoga bath bomb Lush Oxford Street

Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb – £3.75

This one looks a little bland after the Experimenter, doesn’t it?! And to be honest, I mostly only chose this one because I liked the idea of the name, thinking it must be super relaxing and reminding me of yoga retreats in exotic climes. The smell is very woody and heady – I imagine it will be more so once it’s used.

Honey Bee bath bomb Lush

Honey Bee Bath Bomb – £3.35

So this is the bath bomb that I’m pretty certain was the one that converted me. I originally picked it based on the name (mostly because Ben tells me that my grandad was known as “Honey Bee” when he was younger – yes, weird that Ben knows this about my family and I don’t, I know!). The scent is gorgeous – it really does smell like honey, plus a toffee-ish note with a citrus background. I’m super excited to use this again and I keep smelling it now!

Before I move on from the bath bombs, I should add that I was also tempted by the Frozen bath bomb, mostly because of the name (again, this is clearly a recurring theme!), but the scent didn’t hugely appeal to me, so I left it behind. The other one I wanted to try but couldn’t find was the Lava Lamp bath bomb which looks awesome (but apparently is difficult to clean up after!).

Melting Marshmallow Moment Lush

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt – £2

This little one may not look hugely amazing, but the scent – oh my goodness! I hadn’t actually intended to buy a bath melt as I had preconceptions of them being all slimey and oily and yucky – wrong! I was talking to one of the assistants by the melts and she picked this one up for me, saying it was similar to Snow Fairy. I’ve never smelled Snow Fairy but heard all the hype around it, and if it really does smell like this, I shall be buying a giant bottle when it’s back! This is such a gorgeous deep rich scent – definitely marshmallowy and bubblegum-like – I’d have said it was too much for me before, but nope, I’m hooked on this one now. I’ve also already used this one, so review soon!
Interesting note though, looking at the reviews I can find online, this bath melt doesn’t look like any of the others! Not sure if they’ve changed the shape, but this was cute to look at, kind of squishy and had a nice sparkly layer on top.

Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar LushGranny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar – £3.65

I’ve actually never tried a bubble bar from Lush before, but I had Supertramp on my list as I thought bubble bars sounded awesome. In the end, I changed my mind as I wasn’t particularly fond of the Supertramp scent so went for the eclectic looking Granny Takes A Dip instead. The scent isn’t hugely appealing to me in this either, but we’ll see what happens when I use it – although judging on reviews I’ve seen, this isn’t nearly exciting as the bath bomb by the same name, so we’ll see.

Big Sea Salt shampoo Lush


BIG Sea Salt Shampoo – 330g for £12.25

So I’m too lazy to go upstairs and check the size of my pot of this, but I know it’s one of the smaller ones, and I also can’t find my receipt for the price, so that’s the generic price from the site. I’d had this one on my list, with promises of voluminous mermaid hair. It smelled nice enough if the shop and looked really cool, with large chunks of sea salt floating in a viscous liquid, so I went for it. I’ve used it once and plan to try it again before getting my review up.

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub Lush

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

This is another Oxford Street exclusive and unfortunately can’t find the price anywhere! I didn’t really need a hand scrub, but the idea of this being both coconut and salted was a winner for me. Beth and I tested it in the shop and into my basket it went. I’ve used this several times and it’s currently sitting on my bathroom sink waiting patiently for its review.

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel Lush

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel – £4.75 for 100g

I’d wanted to buy a shower gel in Lush and had gone in with the ever hyped up Comforter on my list with plans to smell Lord of Misrule and see if I liked that too. Strangely enough, neither appealed to me so I searched through the others on offer instead. Beth decided to go for Yuzu and Cocoa and I was tempted by this too, but went for Dirty Springwash in the end. It has a really fresh spearminty scent and made a change from all the sweet things I was buying!

Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder Lush


Tooth Fairy Strawberry Tooth Powder – £4.95

This was one of my top things on my list! After watching a programme that talked about xylitol as an alternative to sugar and it being something that actually helps clean your teeth, I was determined to try it somehow. It just so happened that I discovered it was main ingredient in this, so it had to be done! I was also drawn by the fact that it’s pink and slightly sparkly with a sweet strawberry flavour, plus it’s somewhat of a novelty to brush your teeth with powder rather than toothpaste. Review to come soon!

Dirty Toothy Tabs LushDirty Toothy Tabs – £2 for 12g

In the same vein as the Tooth Powder, the Dirty Toothy Tabs are something of a novelty again, so I had to try them. They weren’t on the list, but when I came across all the different flavours, I knew at least one would be coming home. These ones are spearmint flavoured so seemed the safest option for delving into the Toothy Tab world. Again, review coming soon.

Have you visited the Lush Oxford Street store? It’s quite a trek for me to get down there so I know I won’t be going again any time soon, but I’m definitely a Lush addict now and will be visiting other nearby stores soon! There were a few products I had to decide between and put a couple back in the end (including the perfume in this wishlist), so I think those will be on the new list!



  1. August 7, 2015 / 3:06 pm

    Oh gosh, The LUSH shops in London always seem like this aladdin’s cave of wonders. I can image just being hit with the full force of the smell as soon as you walk in – which is not necessarily a bad thing at all! I love the sound of the Yoga bath bomb, mostly probably for the same reason as you and I just like the name. The Granny one has the best name ever. I’m really interested to see how you find all these things – LUSH is fast becoming a favourite of mine recently 🙂
    Jas }

    • Sian Thomas
      August 7, 2015 / 3:11 pm

      It really was amazing going there! Although strangely the smell didn’t hit me quite as strongly as the smaller shops I’ve been in, maybe it’s less concentrated because it’s over a larger area?! I know, I love the Granny Takes A Dip name too – they are brilliant at coming up with these names 😀

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