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Dorothy Perkins tropical print trousers & Asda handbag Dorothy Perkins tropical print trousers & Asda handbag

Okay, so the outfit itself may not exactly be grown up, but don’t you think this handbag is just the epitome of grown up?! I’ve never been a big handbag person – I go more for the shoes and pretty dresses every time. This means though that I’ve never put much effort into the choosing and buying of my bags. For the past year and a half, I’ve been using a chevron print embroidered one that I bought from F&F specifically because it would make a good Disney bag (Disney-ites out there will know what I mean!) and prior to that it was 3 years with a Cath Kidston shopper, simply because it was pretty and fit all my rubbish inside! But when I received this one recently from George at Asda, I was really surprised about my excitement – I’d never been excited over a bag before (except for my uni satchel my parents bought me, because that’s just plain awesome). As you can tell, I’ve always forgotten to include handbags in my outfit posts, but this one was so amazing, I just had to include it. It’s got that “grown up” feeling about it although I’m not sure why – maybe it’s the monochrome colour scheme or metal hardware, something about it feels far more expensive than it actually is (only £16!). It also fits all my stuff, including two books very easily (I’d say there’s room for at least two more!).
George at Asda are a surprising contender to some for places to buy clothing, but I’ve never been averse to supermarket clothing ranges in the slightest. Some of my favourite pieces have been from F&F and I’ll quite often explore the Tu range at my local Sainsburys on my lunchbreak. I’ve been looking forward to seeing their releases for the coming season after spotting a load of amazing sell out pieces this season, and I’m not disappointed. They’ve released a video all about their press day for AW15 and it’s definitely got me excited:

I wouldn’t exactly call the rest of this outfit grown up though – it was a really a casual day work outfit (although to tell the truth I wasn’t wearing the heels all day!). I picked up the trousers last week at Dorothy Perkins in town when I needed a little retail therapy – fortunately they were on sale for only £12 which I didn’t think was too bad. They only had a few sizes left though and these are slightly on the large size on my waist, although I’m not convinced that a size smaller would be any better as they might have ended up too tight on the hips. The top is also new (I decided to start slowly restocking the wardrobe after several bin bags made their way to charity recently) as part of a Forever 21 holiday order – I got a couple of maxi dresses and light tops to go with shorts. I love the back of this – it makes a plain black tee just a little more interesting!

Dorothy Perkins tropical trousers

george at asda handbag

| Tropical Print Trousers: | Heels: ASOS |

It’s been busy around here recently. We’ve currently got Ben’s sister living with us as she’s got a job locally and is waiting to move into her new flat – finally got a use for our spare room! Sadly though their family cat that they’d had since at home since they were really little passed away the other day not long after she’d moved in – as you can imagine though, he was really old and went peacefully in his sleep one day and hadn’t got really ill, but it’s still a sad time 🙁
It’s a big birthday for my dad tomorrow (probably shouldn’t say which in case he doesn’t want me to, but suffice to say that soon enough I’ll be half his age – a prospect which has confused my sister immensely! We’ve got a big BBQ planned at the weekend with lots of friends and family, so I’m looking forward to that.
And this week in August always manages to make me stressed, even though I’m not a teacher or at school anymore, simply because it’s results week! I know one of my friend’s sisters is waiting on hers, and some of the pupils I taught will be expecting theirs soon and hearing whether they’re going off to uni. I know I’m not involved with it any more, but every time it comes round, I can’t help thinking about it and looking out for results for my friends and pupils. If any of you out there are waiting for results from school or uni, good luck! I know how stressful it can be, but I’ve actually been shown this fab video recently sharing some ideas on mentoring for EMEA students and how they can prepare for future with Northern Trust teamed up with the University of Greenwich, it might be helpful to some of you (this post is video city!):

Anyways, these outfit photos are actually fairly old now, so hopefully I’ll manage to get some more sometime soon that are more recent!

dorothy perkins trousers

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