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I’ve got a problem: I haven’t yet a summer holiday (or even much of a summer round here to be honest) and yet I’m suddenly wanting to buy autumn and winter clothes. I know, it’s ridiculous – it’s not even September yet! But I promise, the weather round here certainly feels like it – our road was basically flooded the other day, and today I felt like I needed I coat at work. I blame the shops – their AW15 stock started coming recently and they’ve been teasing us with it for weeks. And now suddenly, all I want to buy is cold weather clothing, but I’ve got my hot weather holiday in 2 weeks so I just can’t buy it yet, but by the time I’m home at the end of September, all the good stuff will be gone, I just can’t win!
So instead of buying things (although to be fair, I may be putting in an order after this, don’t judge me!), I’ve decided to make a wishlist instead in the hopes that it will satisfy my clothing desires. Fortunately number 1 on my list isn’t yet available, this gorgeous dress from Collectif – it’s the same style as this top I own (which I now also own in a different print) and another dress I own (with a flared skirt), but is the same style exactly as my current favourite dress, so I’m definitely going to be buying this as soon as it is available:

Dolores Woodland Bloom Half Sleeve Dress
001: Collectif Dolores Woodland Bloom Half Sleeve Dress
zara trousers
002: High Waisted Zara Trousers – £29.99
Warehouse tapestry skirt
003: Warehouse Tapestry Skirt – £50
Esprit Taupe Jumper
004: Esprit Taupe Jumper – £39
Zara Ankle Boots
005: Zara Ankle Boots – £29.99
Lindy Bop Swing Dress
006: Lindy Bop Leena Dress – £34.99
Miss Selfridge Coat
007: Miss Selfridge Khaki Coat – £89
SheIn Red Skirt
008: SheIn Pleated Red Skirt – $17
Zara Lace Up Shoes
009: Zara Lace Up Shoes – £29.99


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