Creating the perfect DIY wardrobe


How many of us have opened our wardrobes, taken a look inside with sunken expressions on our faces and claimed, ‘I have nothing to wear’?

Probably about 100% of us. If your wardrobe is in need of a serious renovation you will save tons of money by revitalising pieces of old clothing and creating your own statement trend setters. According to Good Therapy, 73% of women aged 21 to 64 admit that they shop for clothes every few months with 96% revealing that they believed that what they wear somehow affects their confidence and overall feeling of self-worth.

Looking good is important to us because it make us feel good. But what happens when you don’t have the finances to afford designer clothes and an updated wardrobe every few weeks? There is no reason why you can’t make the most out of what is right there in front of you which is why you should take some time and try out a few of these DIY wardrobe tips:

Quote T-Shirt
You may have noticed a certain trend sweeping across the UK lately that features plain t-shirts depicting statement quotes that could be inspirational, funny or just plain weird. The good news is that this style is incredibly simple to replicate and you have the luxury of being able to choose your own phrase to print on your t-shirt. You will need one plain t-shirt, some fabric paint from Homecrafts and a steady hand.

Once you have your colour chosen you can begin applying the paint. Fabric paint can be used on any fabric and will provide a permanent design of your choosing. You can apply this substance with an air-brush or a soft haired brush. Once you have finished, iron the design on a very hot setting to allow the fabric paint to fix. Do this for around one to two minutes and there you have it, your very own DIY quote t-shirt.

Curtain Lace

Lace has been a major statement piece over recent months and it looks like the trend is here to stay. You don’t need to go out and buy an expensive lace dress however, because you can easily create your own with the right materials. You can use an old lace curtain design and transform it into a dress or a fancy peasant top. To do this, you will need a sowing machine and a white silk fabric to act as the base for underneath the lace. This is optional depending on how much skin you want to show. The best thing about lace is that it’s extremely versatile and you can pretty much make it up as you go along. You can also add it to the bottom of your shorts to spruce them up a bit.

Shoe Design

Many people make their own shoes with acquired leather but this option may be a bit out of reach for many of us, which is why it is easier to simply revamp your current shoes. Kids especially will love adding colour and personality to their shoes so let them get creative with this one.

According to giving your shoes an extra touch of personality is pretty simple. If you have a pair of black pumps lying in the bottom of your wardrobe, use fabric glue to add gems or lace to the exterior of the shoe. If you are using lace for the entire shoe, fold it over and glue it down inside the shoe for a seamless edge.

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