I Believe I Can Fly

My Little Box Tee with polka dot skirt

i believe i can fly t shirtSo after my long post yesterday about how I wanted to go back to my old days of blogging, I decided to do just that today. Take a picture of the outfit I was wearing, whether or not it was a groundbreaking one, upload it to the blog and talk about my life a little bit. I’m not sure whether I’d describe this as a typically me outfit or not. It’s not how I’d tend to describe my style nowadays, as I think of what I like to wear currently as retro and pin up with longer skirts and fitted tops. This outfit though is made up of a number of old favourites, including the cardigan which I suppose is actually pin up style (being by the brand Hell Bunny), the skirt which I bought on holiday a couple of years and have worn a few times on the blog (here and here) and a T shirt which has become a new favourite, being part of My Little Box a few months back, and has now entered my wardrobe on regular circulation. The shoes though are new: that elusive pair of flats I’ve been planning to buy and moaning about for months! Okay, they’re just a basic pair of black flats, but they’re the type of thing I throw on time and again, so into the basket and onto my feet they went!
Random interlude: I just had to take a quick break from writing as Ben shouted me downstairs urgently. He was painting the front door (woop, going from boring black to “Hillside” green) so I thought something terrible had happened like a cat had fallen in the paint (not that that hasn’t already happened – well, not quite, next door’s kitten does currently have a white nose that looks suspiciously like the primer we used!). But no, actually he’d just spotted that the first of our beef tomatoes had turned red – cause for celebration indeed! Is it just me or are they a little bit late?! We bought 6 tomato shoots (2 cherry, 2 plum and 2 beef) from Lidl, and they’ve all sprouted a multitude of tomatoes, just the vast majority are still green. And when I say that I mean that we’ve probably got a good 100 tomatoes between the 6 plants now, 5 of which so far have turned red. Nevertheless, we now have a red of each variety! Now they’ll all turn red while we’re on holiday in a couple of weeks…

i believe i can fly t shirt

J Crew polka dot skirt with flats



Red Cardigan: Hell Bunny via Tiger Milly | “I Believe I can Fly” Tee: My Little Box | Polka Dot Skirt: J Crew Outlet | Flats: Zara

Speaking of holiday, it may still be just under 2 weeks until we go (8 days of work left, 10 “actual” days), but I have already had a mass try on of all my summer clothing and laid out what I definitely want to take, a maybe pile and a no pile, as well as thinking I should probably have made a few more summer appropriate pieces rather than all my sewing makes being for that kind of in between weather we have in England so they’re too warm to wear on holiday, but mostly not warm enough to wear unless we’ve got a minor heatwave happening in the UK. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to find a few handmade pieces for my holiday plus I’ve made a pair of shorts for Ben which I have to say I’m extremely proud of (they will be coming to blog soon if I can persuade him to model them!).
Despite all this though, I’m still fairly short on summer clothing. As I said before, I tend to keep all my “old favourites” such as teeny tiny denim shorts which are only appropriate where no one will see me and old basic tops, but my slightly newer holiday clothes from the past few years I’ve now declared to be too short (or they’ve, ahem, shrunk since I was a teenager). I discovered when setting out these clothes that I have a total of 1 skirt to take on holiday compared to the 10 or 12 I would have taken in the past. I feel this needs rectifying, so I’m planning to get a couple more deliveries before we go away, including one on the way from SheIn, maybe something from Forever21 (I’m in love with a maxi dress I bought from there a few weeks ago) and a couple of bits and pieces from Esprit. I’m trying not to go overboard though as I’m hoping to buy plenty of clothes in America. Last time we went at this time of year, the end of summer sales were on so I managed to pick up loads of things really cheap. And (lack of funds not taken into account…) I will be able to buy far more than I’d initially planned as my dad managed to get us some upgraded seats on the flight home which come with DOUBLE the luggage allowance – as in, I can take home a WHOLE EXTRA suitcase! And yes, I am intending to fill this solely with fabric. And no, I’m not paying attention to the fact that my father informed me he didn’t think his car would fit all of that in for the journey home – we will find a way!
Polka dot skirt daytime outfit



  1. September 2, 2015 / 10:15 am

    Very cute outfit! Love the polka dot skirt and yay for fresh tomatoes!

  2. September 3, 2015 / 10:57 am

    Love your t-shirt saying i believe i can fly.

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