Lush Review | Dirty Springwash Shower Gel

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel LushSo right now I should be on holiday – eep! I tend to do this quite a lot when I schedule posts – think about the fact that it’s going out in the future and is kind of weird, so I’ll stop now and get on with the review.

When I visited Lush’s Oxford Street branch, I’d had in mind (and on my list) that I would buy the ever popular Comforter shower gel. I thought it would make a nice change from the very generic supermarket brand or whatever’s-offer-cheapest-shower-gel I usually get to buy a proper one from Lush. But when I finally found The Comforter and sniffed it, I decided I actually wasn’t that fussed by the smell surprisingly, despite the fact that I’m usually taken in by very hyped up items! Instead I picked up a few others to see if I liked any of those, and it was Dirty Springwash that made the journey home with me.
At £4.75 for 100g, it’s definitely a lot pricier than my usual shower gel, so I use it only every so often spaced out with cheaper ones in between to make it last longer. It’s got a very fresh spearmint scent which I love. I wouldn’t have said beforehand that I was a big fan of minty scented shower gels – in fact, they mostly remind me of that tea tree oil one that was popular when I was younger and I used to get in my eyes. This one has that sweeter spearmint scent though and a description saying: “Like a dip in a mountain spring” which reminded me of my trip to Greece – on our first day outside of the city of Athens after a week spent there, we headed up to a site called Oropos in the mountains. Stepping out of the coach there was literally a breath of fresh air for me (I’m not a big city person), and you could actually smell the wild mint. And this is what that captures for me.
It’s not the most exciting of all the products I bought that day, but it’s one I would definitely go back for and I’m hoping to pick up some of the other products from this range – there are a lot of them! I did grab the Toothy Tabs in this flavour too, but that’s a little different as they’re flavour rather than scent 😉 Technically I think the Dirty Springwash scent is supposed to be targeted at men, but that doesn’t bother me at all.
The consistency of the shower gel is pretty average and I’m always careful not to squirt too much of it out in one go. And the scent tends to linger on the skin for a few hours after showering which is always nice. I tend to use it last thing so that I don’t wash off too much of the scent if I can help it.
So overall, as you can tell, this is definitely one I’d recommend, especially if you like fresh scents and even if you’re not a big mint fan in general. Speaking of shower gels though, I’m pretty certain that I’m going to love Snow Fairy once that comes back round so I’ve got that on my (ever expanding) Lush list!


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