Lush Review | Tooth Fairy Strawberry Tooth Powder

Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder LushBefore my big trip to Lush’s Oxford Street branch, I was intrigued by the concept of their Tooth Powders and Toothy Tabs, especially in the fact that most of them weren’t even mint flavoured, whut?! I did my research to find out whether they were actually worth buying, as in, did they actually…work? And do they actually, you know, clean your teeth? Apparently, they do! There are various different bits and pieces out there, but I read one by a real dentist (you know, as opposed to a “fake” dentist…) who said that they were just as good, if not better, than the usual toothpaste. I’m still not sold for definite on that one so I don’t use Toothy Tabs or Tooth Powder exclusively, but they do make a nice change.
I couldn’t decide between buying a Tooth Powder or the Toothy Tabs, so I went for both. The Toothy Tabs review will be coming up soon though, so don’t worry. The Tooth Fairy Strawberry Tooth Powder was what really piqued my interest though. There was a little pot of it open on the shop floor, so I sniffed at it and prodded it a little bit. This didn’t reveal much because tooth powders, obviously, need to be used with water and a toothbrush. It did have a slightly sweet scent though and something exciting: sparkles! Yep, there are actual sparkles in this toothpaste. I think it’s made for unicorns or princesses.
Another thing that also sold me on this was the inclusion of xylitol in the ingredients list. I’d watched a programme which talked about this seemingly miracle natural sweetener that cleans your teeth recently so was excited to have the chance to try it. Apparently some children in Scandinavian countries are given gum with xylitol after meals to clean their teeth, and they love it as it has a naturally sweet taste – winner for me!
This little pot cost £4.95 which is obviously significantly more expensive than the usual tube of toothpaste, but as I said, I don’t exclusively use this, so that price is stretched out over a longer period of time.
The way that you use it is to dampen your toothbrush, dip it into the powder, then get scrubbing! I know a few people have concerns about the fact that the powder will be getting wet over and over and that it may not be particularly hygienic, but then again, neither is leaving your toothbrush uncovered all day long, and that’s never killed me yet. I haven’t noticed my powder clumping together either, and I think as long as you’re not dripping water into it, you should be good.
I was concerned before trying it about how the lather would work – would be just like rubbing powder into your teeth?! Luckily it wasn’t – the powder seems to turn to bubbles as soon as it hits your mouth, in fact more bubbles than ordinary toothpaste so make sure you’re still near the sink!
And the flavour? It’s kind of yummy, but also strange. Strange because I’m used to having that minty flavour when brushing my teeth. I definitely feel like a Disney princess using this, but if it’s that fresh mouth feeling you’re looking for, you won’t get it with this. Instead, it does taste sweet and kind of strawberry-ish (that xylitol is definitely working) – it reminds me of children’s toothpaste that has a strawberry flavour. Maybe it might be useful for parents struggling to persuade children to use normal toothpaste?! Is that a thing?! Anyway, I kind of like it but would definitely recommend keeping your usual toothpaste around still too.



  1. September 16, 2015 / 5:32 pm

    What a strange product but i totally want to try it because well strawberry and sparkles sound like a winner

    • Mary Howcroft
      April 7, 2017 / 9:18 pm

      It leaves a funny after taste but my teeth feel amazing

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