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design competition lock up-01Despite being a big fan of creating my own clothing, as you probably already know by now, I’m actually a terrible designer. I can’t draw to save my life – no, really, my sister who is 2 years younger than me used to do my art homework for me and get As where I was getting Ds! I’d LOVE to be able to pick up a pen or pencil and sketch out the design that I’m seeing in my head, but what comes out on the paper is, um, not so great. So generally I tend to stick to using premade patterns or imitating a similar of what I want to make (like this swimming costume) rather than having to take pen to paper.
Anyway, Joules let me know about this awesome competition they’re running which allows entrants to design their own wellies. At first I was all sad, thinking of all the designs in my head that I’d love to create but not having a clue how I could manage it. Then I discovered it’s far more simple than that – you basically just get to choose the colours, design, patterns and prints you want which are loaded onto a pre-designed welly – that’s something even I can do! There’s also the option of creating your own design by hand, and I decided I just had to try that – please bear in mind when you see this though that I currently can’t use my thumb or first 2 fingers thanks to an incident on the stairs yesterday in which my already damaged nerve (from an operation 3 years ago) became even more damaged :/ So it’s not just my lack of artistic ability here, I swear!

Capture 2 Capture

Yes, they are my own Blog Wellies!! I was trying to go autumnal colours too…not so sure I’m on track with it there!
Not to worry, this isn’t the entry I submitted though – that is in fact this one, which I feel definitely has some potential in there:

Capture 3

So the winning welly (alliteration!) will go on sale at and the winner will receive a 3 night stay in a Golden Oak Treehouse Cabin plus “lots more” (ooh, exciting), then 10 runners-up will win a £250 gift card for Joules each. I like the odds on that, I have to say!
So as I’ve said, it’s super easy to enter – you just go to this site and choose your colours and designs. Good luck!

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  1. October 21, 2015 / 7:23 pm

    Oooh how fabulous!! I do love your design though… wonder if I can beat it? Hm… I will have to have a go (I’m USELESS at art too though lol).
    Suzy x

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