Outfit: Collectif Fairy Dress

Collectif Fairy Dress Collectif Fairy Dress
No, I didn’t just randomly decide that this dress should be called a “Fairy Dress”, that’s actually its name. Well, actually, its full name is the Fairy Atomic Flamingo Print Doll Dress – yep, could you get any more awesome words into a single name for a dress?! Basically, if the dress itself, with its gorgeous full skirt, fitted bodice and ruched bust didn’t sell it for me, the name did. Then I looked closer at the print. No turning back then.
Every so often, Collectif (who I’m sure you’re slowly figuring out are my fave brand of the moment) have big old sales on. I happened to catch the 50% off sale during August and this was one of my purchases from it, down from £55 to £22.50 (that’s half of £55, right? Maths is a little rusty!). Collectif make me very happy when they do these big sales, not just because I can buy amazing clothes from a British brand at knock down prices, but also because they don’t just have a sale with “up to 50%” where you click through to the sale and find that there’s a single (usually not so great) item at 50%, the rest are like 10% off. Instead, they give you a code to use on everything on the site for 50%. Okay, they do remove certain items from the site during this time, but that’s fair enough. It makes you feel pretty awesome to see your basket price just suddenly drop by half – and that’s how to sell to me!
Anyway, alongside this dress, I also bought a cherry print wrap cardigan and a Dolores dress. Unfortunately, I’d chosen the fitted version of the dress but received the full skirt. I was all set to return it before realising that, actually, I loved it and didn’t want to. I’d actually planned to wear the Fairy dress to my cousin’s wedding just before my holiday, but due to the weather being slightly less than warm, I swapped it for the Dolores with a thick petticoat underneath and that kept me a lot warmer. Instead, I wore this dress for my dad’s 50th birthday party mid-August then wore it as you see here on holiday.
This was during our second week which I saved the dress for as we were staying on Hilton Head Island which is a little more fancy than the mountainous area we’d been in previously. How brilliant is this photo location by the way?! It was right behind our villa and home to at least two resident alligators. I managed to find a time just before the sun set on a few occasions when there was this beautiful lighting to get some pictures.
And I didn’t think there was any point in listing the outfit details to this, mostly because the outfit is made up of, um, two pieces – a dress and shoes – and also because neither are now available to buy! The shoes made an appearance in this post the other day, but won’t make another appearance until next summer I’d imagine, both due to the weather and the fact that they pretty much destroyed my feet that night. I had specifically asked the parents whether we were planning to do any sort of walking that night (as sometimes we wander around before or after eating) as I knew from the last time I’d worn them that they weren’t the most comfortable of shoes. And since they declared that we wouldn’t be walking anywhere, I thought it would be safe to wear them….they lied! We did walk! Okay, it’s not like it was massive hike, but even so, feet still destroyed. We had a meal down by a marina then decided to walk over to see the Disney resort and hotel that was located on the other side of the marina – I can’t say no to that! While we couldn’t actually go into the hotel, it was still exciting for me to see it – they do need to get themselves a restaurant there though, I’d have been there in seconds! But within minutes of walking, my feet were already starting to blister, and the evening ended much like an evening in Newcastle from my student days would have done: walking back barefoot, whoops.

Collectif Fairy Dress Collectif Fairy Dress

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  1. Hollie
    November 6, 2015 / 7:42 pm

    gorgeous dress,you look fab xx

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