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Harry Potter T Shirt outfit

I’ve got several outfits from holiday still to share and I wasn’t certain I would share this one as it’s, well, a little boring. But then again, this is my outfit blog, and this is the kind of outfit I tend to wear during the day time on holiday, albeit slightly more sensible than usual, so I decided I might as well go for it! We were heading out for a “nature” walk on a small island between Hilton Head Island and the mainland, so I decided then was the perfect time to wear my Adventure Shorts. I bought these for my trip to Greece, many moons ago now, and they come out only on days on holiday where there is walking to be done or an appropriate theme, such as Animal Kingdom (of course).
I bought the T shirt from Hot Topic while on holiday. In the past, I was always slightly terrified of Hot Topic. My sister loved it for the clothing that verges on goth, and I never quite understand the fandom type clothing they had. Then a few years ago, I realised their fandom stuff included not only Disney but Harry Potter, and I was sold. Despite the ultra tackyness and the fact that their stores are more than likely aimed at an age range a good 10 years younger than me, I still love searching through the goodies in their stores. There unfortunately wasn’t a lot of Disney stuff in this one, but I managed to dig out this “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” T shirt from the rails. I also loved the casual fit, colour and neckline, so I wasn’t completely swayed by the Harry Potter theme (okay…I was!).
And I’ve spoken a couple of times about these shoes before because, shock horror, they’re Crocs!! Anyone who knows me will know how much I dislike Crocs in general, but unfortunately one Florida trip, my sandals gave up on me so I had to borrow a pair of my mum’s Crocs sandals…and I realised how they were actually kind of comfortable. So the following year, I had to buy my own version – they’re soft and squishy and made of jelly, okay?! You just won’t catch me in the clog version anytime soon though, I swear!

Ah guys, life is hectic at the moment! I haven’t yet managed to catch up on sleep after our flight back from holiday nearly a month ago yet. I seem to be doing something every evening of the week at the moment, then haven’t had a weekend free either, and it’s not getting any quieter as I have Brownie training all day tomorrow too. I’m not complaining as I love all the things I do, but it’s all weighing a bit on me at the moment as I’m not getting the downtime I need – I’ve barely even managed to read at bedtime at the moment, let alone spend any time sewing. Lunch breaks at work are often filled with sorting out various different blogging things, and any spare moments I get when I sit down on an evening go towards work I’m doing for my dad. I love being busy, but it’s quite difficult for me to find a balance at the moment to fit in around the things I want to do around the things I need to do. It doesn’t help that on top of my jet lag, I managed to come down with a cold, then a few days ago I fell down the stairs (yes, again!) – fortunately this time it wasn’t a major accident, but I did hit the nerve in my wrist that got damaged during an operation so had a couple of days of numb fingers! Anyway, enough of the complaining- I’ve got stuff to do! My Sunday isn’t looking too busy at the moment aside from helping Ben install a TV system for my grandparents (through his work) and lunch out with them (apparently – he’s the one who’s seen them today and is organising it!), so hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch up on life a bit then!

Harry Potter T Shirt: Hot Topic | Shorts: Gap | Sandals: Crocs

Harry Potter T Shirt outfit


  1. October 23, 2015 / 5:30 pm

    Such a cute outfit. I love your top!

    Emma x

  2. October 25, 2015 / 10:32 am

    If you hadn’t said the sandals were Crocs, I wouldn’t have known 😛 I thought Crocs only made those clogs…
    The shirt is very nice (mainly because of the quote, yes, but the model is also nice!).

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