Why Halloween is one of the best times of the year for a psychic experience

So this isn’t something I’d admit much on the blog, but I’m a little bit into spooky, creepy and weird experiences – yes, okay, I do spend just a little too long reading those “Top 10 Weird Experiences” type lists on the internet when I get bored. So let’s delve into that a bit more, shall we? After all, it is practically Halloween!

halloween pumpkin
Image and pumpkin courtesy of my sister (that she doesn’t know I’ve stolen, yet!)

The origins of pumpkin carving were about keeping evil spirits away

Halloween is the time of year when we think most about the possible existence of ghosts and spirits, and it’s not just because of all the spooky costumes in the supermarkets and shops. The reason why the tradition of Halloween became established in the autumn is because this is when light and dark come into alignment in the northern hemisphere.

Medium readers often find there’s an increased amount of requests for readings around the time of Halloween, and many spiritualists believe that the weeks around Halloween are the ideal time to seek a connection between our world and the spiritual world.

This is because Halloween coincides with the change of the clocks, when the nights are longer and darker and it’s thought that spirits can roam more freely in our world than they can during the lighter months of the year. The pagan religion celebrated 31 October, the last day of the calendar year at that time, as All Hallows Eve, the night that the spirits of those people who had died during the year were free to move amongst us on earth. So for anyone seeking psychic guidance, Halloween, at the time the veil between our world and the spiritual world thins, when dark and light come into alignment as we head towards the Equinox, this is a great moment to have a medium reading.

halloween pumpkins
Pumpkins carved with my friends a couple of years ago – mine is Sulley on the far right 🙂

What happens in a medium reading?      

Each medium reading will be different, but you should feel free to ask the reader about anything. Mediums use their skills in communicating with spirits and can bring messages to us from people we have known in our lives but who have now passed away. Sometimes these spirits may be able to guide us in making the right choices with our lives.

There are no guarantees that a medium will be able to connect with the loved one you are seeking to hear from – mediums act as a channel between our world and the spirit world, but they can’t control what comes out of a reading. But even if you don’t get the personal connection you were seeking, a psychic reading can still be incredibly helpful in allowing you to sort through your emotions and feelings about different issues that you may be facing in life.

What is it that we want to find out from a reading?

Although you can ask a medium about any topic or subject during a reading, there are three perennial favourite areas that come up for discussion.


Love is always a popular reading topic

Love’s what makes the world go round and people often want to find out what the future has in store for them in terms of their relationships. If they’re looking for love, they want to know when they will find a new partner. If they’re in a relationship, they may be questioning if this is the right person for them to be with. Consulting with a medium can shed light on different aspects of a person’s love life.


When faced with a big financial decision or money worries, sometimes all the logic and rational reasoning you do can’t actually help you decide which choice to make. For example, should you move house or stay where you are, how should you spend or invest a windfall that you weren’t expecting to have? These types of questions can be talked through during a reading, so that you can see the situation from a more objective position – through the eyes of a third party. While a medium reading might give you a broader perspective on a financial issue, you should also seek professional financial advice before taking any action.


People’s career choices are often intertwined with concerns about money, and it’s a subject that comes up frequently in medium readings. Do you feel that your job is going nowhere, but you’re too scared to leave for a new job in case things go wrong? Perhaps you’ve been offered a new job but don’t know whether it might be better to seek promotion where you are. A medium reading can allow you to see the choices that you face more clearly.

You can discover more about what is discussed in psychic readings on TheCircle website. However, it may be that you don’t have anything particular you want to find out during a reading, it might be that you’d just like to discover if it’s possible to receive a message from a loved one who has passed away or you’re just curious about what a medium reading is all about. Why not give it a try this Halloween?


  1. October 31, 2015 / 1:11 am

    HOW FUN! I didn’t even have a chance to carve pumpkins this year nor last! So sad. Yours turned out so cool! xD Hope you con come visit my bloggie now too! I just posted yesterday on an ethical fashion brand in Guatemala. 😀


    • Sian Thomas
      October 31, 2015 / 11:53 am

      It doesn’t look like I’ll get a chance this year at the moment – haven’t had a spare minute! Maybe next year 🙂

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