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voodoo vixen pin up dress voodoo vixen pin up dress

Typing “Last of the…” had me wanting to write “Last of the Summer Wine”, but having never actually watched that, I wasn’t sure it was an appropriate title for the post?! Anyway, as the title does actually state, these are the last of my holiday outfit photos – sad!
I saved this dress again for the last week of the holiday where it was a slightly more dressy resort rather than the mountains we’d been staying in previously. This dress has actually become one of my fun summer and holiday staples – I received it early last year from Voodoo Vixen (it’s the Tilly dress), wore it immediately (despite the fact that it was still winter), then wore it multiple times throughout the year including our trip to the Polynesian hotel in Florida. It is a very typical pin up style print but with a slightly more modern cut since the skirt isn’t hugely full and sits just above the knee. I’ve worn it with various different flats and heels, but I decided to go a little dressed down with it these flat sandals – I bought them from F&F at the beginning of summer to be my “everyday” summer shoes, but I did end up falling back on my old strappy sandals as they still weren’t quite right – ah, the struggle goes on! At least we don’t exactly have many summery days up in North Yorkshire – I didn’t need that many days of sandals.
I don’t have that much to say today strangely enough! I blew up my computer at work today, is that interesting?! I’m known as a bit of a liability – both at work and at home – due to my clumsiness, of course. But this time, all I did was sit there and my computer just went kaput. Luckily I had everything backed up on our server so I didn’t lose anything, but it did mean I was a bit of the butt of the office jokes for the morning!
For once I didn’t have a crazily busy weekend, it was quite relaxing really. I managed to do a bit of sewing on Friday night and finish off a cape I’ve been working on recently (photos to come!), then spent Saturday morning cleaning and tidying the house before some more sewing in the afternoon to make a dress out of some of the jersey fabric I bought on holiday (again, photos to come). My sister came over in the evening for Halloween, so we dressed up, answered the door to Trick or Treaters and watched American Horror Story and a scary film, then met my parents at the pub for a drink. Sunday was spent at the parents’ too having a Sunday Roast (unusual for us) then watching murder mysteries back at home in the evening – yes, me and Ben are far more middle aged than we should be!
I’m off to Brownies tomorrow night instead of Wednesday this week as we’re joining with another pack for the evening, then going to Alan Davies at York on Wednesday evening – very excited about that!

voodoo vixen pin up dress

voodoo vixen pin up dress voodoo vixen pin up dress


  1. November 3, 2015 / 11:44 am

    I’m really loving that pattern on the dress, it’s kind of perfect for an end of summer outfit and the lighting is fantastic.

    • Sian Thomas
      November 4, 2015 / 4:09 pm

      Thank you! Ah, I’m missing summer now that this was the last one!

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